December 6, 2022

Amazon Prime Video claims the throne of Zamunda

Another day, another big film is going straight to streaming instead of making its bow inside a movie theatre. This time around, it is the Eddie Murphy comedy sequel ‘Coming 2 America‘ that will hit streaming. The long-awaited and long-in-development sequel to the $300million grossing 1988 classic is scheduled to hit Amazon on December 18th. No word yet on whether the film will be available for subscribers at no extra cost or if the film will be available on a PVOD deal instead. What is known though is that the streaming service and retailer has shelled out $125million to Paramount Pictures to take the film from them and join the likes of ‘Without Remorse‘, ‘Trial Of The Chicago 7‘ and ‘Lovebirds‘ that Paramount has sold to streaming services this year.  Murphy himself though has the final say on whether the film is sold to Amazon as his blessing is needed to complete the deal.


The storyline for the sequel follows Murphy’s character of Prince Akeem of the fictional country of Zamunda as he is set to be crowned the country’s new king after the abdication of his father (once again played by the legendary James Earl Jones) due to severe ill health. Akeem is shocked to discover he has a son in Queens named Lavelle, someone he never knew even existed. To fulfill his father’s dying wish, Akeem and his servant Semmi (Arsenio Hall) set off once more for America in an attempt to bring Lavelle to Zamunda to groom his son, his father’s grandson as the crown prince.


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Source: Variety


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