George Miller’s Mad Max prequel adds Thor and Black Manta

The news that George Miller was going ahead with his ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ spin-off ‘Furiosa‘ didn’t come as much of a surprise. The surprise was that Charlize Theron WOULDN’T be returning in the role as Miller decided to go down the prequel route instead. Today, the first pieces of casting news regarding the spin-off have been announced. And we now have our new Furiosa herself for one.

Step forward young British actress Anya Taylor-Joy. She has been chosen to step into the shoes of the all-action heroine. Miller was considering using Theron again in the role and using de-aging technology to make her younger but decided against it eventually. Taylor-Joy, who appeared earlier this year in the ‘X-Men‘ spin-Off ‘The New Mutants‘ is 24, twenty years younger than Theron. The character was a War Captain under the leader Immortan Joe in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ before turning against him and forming an alliance with Max Rockantansky. The film is expected to be an origin story for the character.

Joining her in the new film is Chris Hemsworth in a yet unannounced role. Hemsworth will be on home ground as the film is due to be filmed in his home country of Australia. The Marvel Studios actor is currently gearing up for his return as ‘Thor‘ in the new movie ‘Thor: Love And Thunder‘ so it is unclear when the film will go before the cameras. Or exactly which film will be shooting first. Also joining in what promises to be violent vehicular mayhem is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in another as yet unannounced role. The actor is familiar to film fans as the character of ‘Black Manta‘ in the DC film ‘Aquaman‘.

George Miller is once again on writing, directing, and co-producing duties alongside his producing partner Doug Mitchell and the pair’s ‘Kennedy Miller Mitchell’ company will produce the film alongside longtime partner Warner Bros. Pictures. Whether the film goes on to emulate the success at the box office and the awards ceremonies like its predecessor did (the film took home six Academy Awards) remains to be seen or whether Charlize Theron herself will make a cameo appearance as the older Furiosa in the film. Either way, the film looks like it will be heading into multiplexes within the next few years and will be a great addition to the world George Miller has created.


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