December 6, 2022

The reboot merry-go-round lands on ‘The Others’

And yet again, we get the news that we can easily file under ‘It doesn’t need it and we don’t want it’. Back in 2001, director Alejandro Amenabar together with Nicole Kidman gave the world a decent little chiller in the form of ‘The Others‘. For those who don’t know or remember the film, it concerned a mother, Grace (Kidman) who along with her two children, move to the English coast during World War II while awaiting information on her missing husband. The children suffer from a photosensitivity disease that causes them harm when exposed to the sun. Her young daughter claims she has seen and is constantly seeing ghosts in the house. Grace doesn’t believe her and thinks that their servants in the house are playing cruel tricks on the children. But when Grace finds herself seeing ghosts and experiencing events that she cannot explain, she begins to believe that supernatural forces are at work.


For those who remember the film, there is a fantastic twist to the climax which makes the film worthwhile seeing. The film is a decent little horror-chiller that doesn’t feature any gore or bloodletting and uses the classic haunted house format to great effect. This is why I find it so puzzling that Universal, after a bidding war, is going ahead with a remake of the film. Aligning itself alongside Sentient Entertainment, The studio intends to make a new version of the film but exactly what format or direction they have decided to go in remains unclear at this time. Neither is it known if they will use the original material from the 2001 film and use it as the film’s script or if they will just take the central idea and go in a different direction. Either way, it doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. The original film doesn’t need a remake in the slightest. Why can’t Hollywood leave the film as it should be, a one-off box office hit that surprised audiences? It isn’t like the world is screaming out for it so why bother?


The remake doesn’t have a start date or a release date as yet nor does it have any casting at the moment. We will keep you up to date as any further news develops.


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