December 6, 2023

This week – Frozen 2 returns to sprinkle a little magic but nothing can stop Mystery Inc. as SCOOB dominates the chart for another week!

“Jinkies!” What a week it has been on the home entertainment front! Welcome once more to the official top ten rundown of what has been winging its way into our homes over the past seven days. The aftermath of Mega-Movies Week has been felt in the chart this week, with movies jumping up by huge placings to enter the top ten. No less than four films have made their way into the top ten this week, displacing titles such as ‘Weathering With You‘, ‘1917‘, ‘The Secret-Dare To Dream‘, and ‘A Star Is Born‘. The other six titles except for one have moved placings this week. But has one actually seen their dream come true and reach that coveted number one position?


Not a chance! The Mystery Machine has taken on more fuel and the world’s greatest canine detective has filled himself and his best friend Shaggy up with those delicious Scooby snacks as the animated film ‘Scoob!‘ makes it four weeks in a row as the UK’s official number one title. The only film to stay still in this week’s chart, the film is still detecting new viewers and buyers as it haunts the top spot once more.

Scoob-Warner-Bros-Scooby-Doo 3

Those lovable Lightfoot brothers don’t know when to quit their quest as ‘Onward‘ rises once more, this time by five places this week as it lands at the number two position. Despite recently debuting on Disney+, the film has continued its journey in the retail charts and is determined to hang on in there.

Another film that is readily available on Disney+ and Sky Movies has once more decided to enter the chart after dropping out several times. And by jumping up by a massive twenty-seven places this week to take the third place, we once again welcome back Elsa, Olaf, and the gang as ‘Frozen II‘ makes an incredible comeback. Just like the other three titles that have rejoined us this week, the film benefitted from a retail price cut on digital, giving it a boost back into our homes once more.

Frozen 2 - 001

The fourth-place this week goes to the remake of the classic Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman film ‘Papillon‘ which has itself risen back up the chart by twenty-one places. This time around, the main characters are portrayed by Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek and opened back in 2017 to mixed reviews, with many saying the film was good but paled in comparison to the 1973 film version.


Rounding out the top five this week, we once again find those pesky but lovable creatures as ‘Trolls: World Tour‘ discovers that its singing and dancing is starting to wear a bit thin as it tumbles down the chart by three places to become the week’s fifth best-selling movie.

Trolls World Tour 001

We start our guided tour of the bottom five places by welcoming back Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron as ‘The Greatest Showman‘ once more puts on a decent show by re-entering the chart, rising by fourteen places to become the UK’s number six favorite title.  And yes, I did actually buy it…for my mother! It will keep her occupied and extremely happy during the Christmas and winter period.


Gaining a needed boost of energy and finding some strength left in his animated legs, ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ takes a leisurely jog back up the chart by two places to number seven.

Sonic The Hedgehog 005

All my troubles seemed so far away and remain so as ‘Yesterday‘ makes an unexpected re-appearance as it rises by eight places to sing its heart out in the eighth-placed position.


Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ manages to web his way up a place this week as he swings back up the chart to occupy the ninth-placed spot.


And despite locking and loading again last week, ‘Bad Boys For Life‘ finds itself in freefall this week as it plummets six places to land at the tenth and final position in the chart.


Hitting download and keep from Monday, the action-thriller ‘The Silencing‘ becomes available. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the film follows the story of a hunter and a police sheriff who track down a murderer who it is thought may have kidnapped the daughter of the hunter many years before the film opens. The film was due to open in cinemas but due to the pandemic, its release was canceled.  Instead, the film has gone straight to download and keep. The film has a poor critical rating but if it sounds like your cup of tea, why not take a chance and grab it.


And that’s all there is for this week Thank you again for joining in the fun and It falls to me to once again ask, what do YOU think will be hitting the heights this time next week? Drop us a line with your thoughts.

Until then, whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!


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