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We can all agree that this year hasn’t been the best for cinematic and home entertainment releases thanks to the pandemic. By now, we should be gearing up for the release of some of the year’s biggest titles, hot from the cinema screens and into our living rooms. Except they have almost all been pushed back to next year instead. Depending on how the virus infection goes, we could be inundated with big releases on the home entertainment front. But as for this year, we have to be content with the fare we can get our hands-on. Below is a taste of what we can expect to be offered for the remainder of 2020. Some are 30th-anniversary editions, some are home entertainment releases of TV dramas that have been broadcast over the past few months, and so on. Of course, there are a few titles that have actually managed to open at the box office this year but they are very much few and far between. But what we are being offered will go some way to keeping us entertained over the coming months.


Taking a look at what we have out and available to buy now first:

Back To The Future: The Ultimate Trilogy

Des-The ITV true-life drama starring David Tennent

Mystery Road: Series 2


The Twilight Zone: Season 1-The reboot of the classic TV show hosted by Jordan Peele

As we move into titles that are due for release shortly, we find two of this year’s cinematic fare that dared to buck the trend and release at the box office. First up, we have Russell Crowe in the psychological thriller ‘Unhinged‘ which is due for release on November 23rd.  The film tells the story of a woman with a young child and the horrific aftermath of a road rage confrontation with a disturbed motorist. It is a film that deserves to be afforded a watch or two. It won’t break the mold but the film is entertaining enough and Crowe is always watchable.


The second is the cinemas’ big hope upon the re-opening of their doors in Christopher Nolan’s enjoyable, epic if completely confusing ‘Tenet‘ (read our review). The film was heralded as the big savior of the world’s box offices when it finally opened after several delays. Sadly, it didn’t work out the way they wanted due to the audience’s fears of stepping back through the doors of their local multiplex, resulting in takings not being as good as hoped for. The film isn’t at fault as it is a rousing and completely visually stunning spectacle. It just had the misfortune to be scheduled for release this year and the studio may be made the unwise choice to release it instead of holding it back until 2021. The film doesn’t yet have a release date for home entertainment set in stone but will be available before the end of this year.


Another film that is scheduled for release shortly is the long-delayed ‘The New Mutants‘, a spin-off of the ‘X-Men‘ franchise. Two years gathering dust on the shelf, the film managed to open to poor reviews but decent box office. Again, no date set yet but it is rumored to be again in November. And there is no sign of the Disney remake of the animated classic ‘Mulan‘ that was pulled from cinematic release to go straight to PVOD before it hits Disney+ for all subscribers in December being released on the disc format or seeing a price cut ahead of its debut on the streaming service.


Below are the other titles that we know will be coming out later this year. We start with the week commencing the 2nd of November:

Better Call Saul: Season 5, El Camino: A breaking Bad Movie, How To Build A Girl, Les Miserables: The Staged Concert, Resident Evil 4K UHD Collection.

From the week commencing the 9th of November:

The Ladykillers (Re-Mastered)

From the week commencing the 23rd of November:

All Creatures Great & Small, Strictly Come Dancing: Shirley & Craig’s Perfect 10, Total Recall (Re-Mastered), Upright, Unhinged, Yellowstone

Total Recall - Schwarzenegger and Stone

From the week commencing the 30th of November:

Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula

Titles that are awaiting confirmed release dates:

An American Pickle, Michael Ball & Alfie Ball: Back Together (Live In Concert), Tenet.

As you can see, there are a few titles there that are worthy of attention and purchase to keep us occupied and entertained over the bleak few months, and of course, with Christmas just around the corner, gives us a few good gift ideas for the whole family. Imagine Mum’s face on Christmas morning when she opens and finds Strictly Come Dancing on DVD under the tree. The enjoyment Dad will gain from ‘Tenet‘. The little ones as they experience ‘Back To The Future‘ for the first time. And Granny’s face as she gets her teeth into Michael Ball & Alfie Boe. All great ideas and all available now or soon to own. Grab your favorite now!


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