October 3, 2023

Bruce Willis becomes the new Energizer Bunny!!

I, like many other people around the globe, got somewhat excited when Rumer Willis dropped a video onto her Instagram page with the hashtag #DIEHARDISBACK. A quick peek at the video showed her father, Bruce Willis himself appearing to be returning to his most famous role as John McClane from the ‘Die Hard‘ franchise. Could we be getting a surprise new chapter in the saga? Could Willis have filmed a new ‘Die Hard‘ film under the cover of lockdown? What could it be? And then we found out the truth a few hours later. Yes, Willis had returned as McClane but in a TV Commercial for the new ‘Die Hard‘ car battery. WHAT?? Check it out below:

Ok, so the truth was a letdown but I’m actually in the minority. I enjoyed the commercial, I admit it. It is quite funny in places and it is a joy to see Willis send-up the character. And strangely, the character and events suit each other. It is a case of spot the references to the franchise throughout the commercial but the eagle-eyed and the franchise’s fans will spot them. If that wasn’t enough, we even get the return of Clarence Gilyard’s character of Theo and De’voreaux White’s Argyle, the Limo driver. We last saw the pair of them 32 years ago in the original movie and it is enjoyable and amusing to see them return. We all wondered what happened to the characters after the end credits rolled back in 1988 and, although not a ‘real’ answer, it is great to see them back in a ‘what could have been’ segment.

Die Hard | The Ultimate Christmas Movie

It isn’t what we all wanted to see, it wasn’t the news that we all wanted but until the filmmakers pull their fingers out and get started on a sixth ‘Die Hard‘ movie, it will have to do.


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