December 10, 2022

Kinberg to oversee the transition to the big screen

Over the years, there have been many attempts to bring the classic Sci-Fi series ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ to the big screen. Directors such as Francis Lawrence and Bryan Singer have all been attached at one time or another to develop and oversee the property’s leap from the small screen to big-budget Hollywood blockbuster. All have fallen by the wayside for some reason or another. Universal has never lost faith in the project however and now it is being reported that Simon Kinberg has been signed up to write and produce the updating of the Glen A Larson created series for theatre audiences.

The show originally started back in the late 1970s and concerned the human race fleeing from the tyrannical Cylon Dynasty, a race of intelligent machines who were determined to wipe out humanity at all costs. The show was almost a ‘Star Wars‘ rip-off, even actually having George Lucas filing a lawsuit against the production at one time. Sadly, the show only lasted a single season apart from a short-lived ‘Galactica 1980‘ follow up show that didn’t last long either. The show premiered with a three-part opening which was eventually cut down to make a feature film that opened in theatres around the world. Starring Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo and Dirk Benedict as his friend and fellow fighter, LT. Starbuck, the original three-act opening and subsequent feature film had the advantage of having the likes of Lorne Greene, Ray Milland, and Jane Seymour amongst its cast, giving the production a touch of class and old fashioned guest star appearances. A reboot of the show was made a few years back which managed to stay on the air longer than the original series and is looked upon today as one of the best science fiction shows ever produced.

In a statement that accompanied the announcement, Kinberg said:

“Battlestar Galactica is one of the holy grails in science fiction, and I couldn’t be more excited about bringing something new to the franchise while honoring what’s made it so iconic and enduring. I’m so grateful that Dylan (Clark, Kinberg’s producing partner) and my partners at Universal have trusted me with this incredible universe”

Also, a new reboot of the classic TV show is being lined up by Sam Esmail of ‘Mr. Robot‘ fame for the Peacock streaming service. No date, cast, or crew has been announced for that venture either as of yet. Although I’m interested in seeing a big-screen adaptation of the show, complete with top-quality special effects, sound, cast, and visual spectacle, it doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence knowing that Simon Kinberg is the driving force behind the movie. Although that sounds negative, I will give him and Universal a chance to wow me before making any judgments. However, knowing that he is on script duties and after the debacle that he made of ‘X-Men: The Last Stand‘ and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘ (read our review), I do have my reservations regarding the project. But IF Kinberg can nail it 100% and give the franchise the respect and the pomp and circumstance it deserves, we could yet be in for a complete treat when the film is released.

(Fun Fact: Patrick Macnee (John Steed in The Avengers 1960s TV show) voiced the Cylon Imperious Leader and contributed the shows opening narration and Jonathan Harris (The villainous Dr. Zachary Smith in the 1960s TV show Lost In Space) voiced the Cylon character of Lucifer on the original show)


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