September 30, 2022
The Addams Family

Burton to bring a Wednesday Addams focussed series to TV screens!

Now, this could be interesting.

It is being reported that Tim Burton, writer, producer, and director extraordinaire is looking to become involved with what would be his first live-action television show. That in itself is an intriguing possibility but when you discover that the show he’s looking at to get off the ground is a reboot of the classic ‘The Addams Family‘, then you just have to sit up and pay attention!

MGM TV which holds the underlying rights to the property has paid for a series to be developed and the show, before even being cast or filmed, is in the midst of a serious bidding war between many buyers with Netflix being said to be in the prime position as of this writing. While there are no details as yet as to what the show may entail, it is being rumored that it will be set in the modern-day and will be told from the viewpoint of the daughter, Wednesday Addams, and how she views the world today through her eyes.

The property has been made into several films before, most notably ‘The Addams Family‘ and ‘Addams Family Values‘ which starred Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, and Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams.  There have been other adaptations of the franchise, again most notably the animated film from last year and the upcoming sequel which is due for release in 2021. This animated version, I have to admit, was a wonderful and completely enjoyable love letter to the original Charles Addams cartoons which I found to be one of the movie highlights of last year. And the first two feature films were wickedly delicious and comedic, something that even today stands the test of time. Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester was almost perfect casting but Christina Ricci was spot on with her interpretation of Wednesday, a child who is nothing short of almost pure, unadulterated evil.


The Addams Family 1

Given the catalog and the works that Tim Burton has made and produced over the past three decades, including ‘Beetlejuice‘ with Michael Keaton, he is the PERFECT man to bring the classic characters to the small screen. His flair for the dark, gothic, and brooding fits the franchise like a hand to a glove. There isn’t another person more qualified to give the world a new interpretation of the property and I look forward to seeing what Burton can deliver with his sense of style and visual flair.

Now, just make sure you keep the theme tune!


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