February 6, 2023

The stars of the DCEU align for The Snyder Cut

We all knew that Zack Snyder’s cut of ‘Justice League‘ would be epic in its scale. But we didn’t expect it to get THIS big. Hot on the heels of Jared Leto’s return to the DC universe as The Joker in the film, the word is now swirling around that Joe Manganiello has also returned to the fray and once again will be portraying the character of Deathstroke in the film. The character was last seen in a brief end credits appearance right at the death of the original version of ‘Justice League‘, the Joss Whedon critically derided cut. Now, it seems as though the character will be playing a much larger part in the definitive version of the film and one which may just set up future appearances in the DC Multiverse.

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Manganiello joins Leto alongside Ray Fisher, Ben Affleck, Amber Heard, and Gal Gadot in returning to film new material. It was announced that Henry Cavill was also returning to film new material as Superman but strangely, the actor has denied this, saying he wouldn’t be filming any further scenes.

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With Leto once again wearing the makeup and clothes as The Joker, I threw out the possibility that the filmmakers MAY reach out to Margot Robbie with the view to possibly filming extra scenes as Harley Quinn for the expanded and completed vision of Snyder’s. Well, it seems the possibility just might be close to becoming reality.  Although unconfirmed at this point, a rumor is starting to go around that Ms. Robbie is in talks to return once again and film new scenes as Harley. Now, that would be so sweet. That would finally bring Affleck’s Batman face to face with both Leto’s Joker for the first time as well as once again coming nose to nose with the deliciously evil, psychopathic but wonderfully sweet Harley.

Snyder executive produced the original ‘Suicide Squad‘, which boasted a brief cameo from Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne and director David Ayer has spoken of getting his own cut of the film completed and released, the same as his friend Snyder has managed. If Ms. Robbie does indeed return to film new scenes, then Snyder’s version of ‘Justice League‘ will become closer to the first ‘Suicide Squad‘ in terms of storyline and the events that followed Ayer’s film. Also, it could fill in several of the blank spaces storywise that Snyder inserted into ‘Batman Vs Superman‘ and the events that Bruce Wayne remembers as he stares at the suit of Robin in the Batcave, daubed with graffiti by the Joker himself. It is an interesting idea if it plays out that way.


In other DC related film news, Michael Keaton has confirmed that he is in talks with Warner Bros. to return to his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in ‘The Flash‘ movie but went on to reveal he HASN’T signed up for the film as yet. Ben Affleck has signed on to play the caped crusader again in what is probably his final appearance as Batman but despite the rumors and the apparent confirmation that both Keaton and he would appear in the film, where the famed Multiverse would be officially launched on the big screen, it is still not set in stone that Keaton will appear. But the actor does sound hopeful and confident that the deal will be signed and sealed very soon. The film will make its bow in theatres in 2022.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will debut on HBO MAX in 2021.


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