December 3, 2022

This week – the Sanderson Sisters have cast a spell over the chart but nothing can stop Onward‘s quest for chart domination

“It’s just a load of Hocus Pocus!” It really is but damn if it’s not fun! This Saturday is Halloween and my favorite day of the year. Ok, so I have a little bit of evil in me but then again, who doesn’t? Every year, I love seeing all the spooky decorations, the kids walking around trick or treating in their costumes, and the wonderful evening by the fire, drinking a nice glass or two of RED wine (has to be red!) with the lights off and a few good old fashioned horror movies playing on the TV. This year, my TV will be playing almost all of the ‘Halloween‘ franchise (No Rob Zombie versions, however) back to back alongside some classic black and white horror movies from the Universal library. It just has to be done. Michael Myers stalking and slashing his way across the screen, Dracula rising from his coffin, The Wolfman howling at the moon, Frankenstein becoming self-aware and obtaining a bride, The Creature From The Black Lagoon popping his head up from under the water, and The Mummy wrapping himself up on his quest for revenge on those who disturbed him.

Amazon Prime Video is currently having a sale on many horror titles, including the classic Universal black and white horror movies I mentioned above starting at the bargain price of £2.99 each. Even if you only watch them once a year, on Halloween itself no less, it is worth spending out on just to collect the classic Universal horror titles alongside some of the more recent horror fare. So far, I have spent a small fortune collecting some decent horror fare such as the first three ‘Psycho‘ movies, ‘Halloween H20‘, ‘Halloween: Resurrection‘, ‘The Burning‘, ‘Dead And Buried‘ alongside films such as ‘Beetlejuice‘, ‘Ghostbusters‘ and so on. As you will guess, I intend to have a spooktacular weekend!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Resurected

And with that, welcome once more to the official rundown of what the country has been grabbing to keep them entertained over the past week. Four titles join in the fun this week, one new entry, one re-entry, and two risers back into the chart. You will appreciate that two of the titles are Halloween related but are once again joining us for their yearly appearance. Of course, that means that four titles have to leave us and as such, we wave goodbye to ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith‘, ‘Papillon‘, ‘You Should Have Left‘ and ‘Rocketman‘ who have departed back to the nether regions outside the top ten. But what could our yearly newcomers be? Could one become the new UK number one film?


Of course not! Not after the amount of time it has taken ‘Onward‘ to hit the top of the chart. And those lovable Elven Lightfoot brothers refuse to relinquish their chart position this week as they hold the top spot with ease. It has taken the film over five months to hit the top and although it is a surprise that the film managed to become a number one title after all that time, it is a worthy film to top the chart. The film recently became available on Disney+ to watch but that hasn’t deterred the public from continuously buying and downloading digitally the film for their collections.

Onward 002

It is still chilly and cold but ‘Frozen II‘ doesn’t seem to mind as it rises up the chart once again, this week by just a single place to take the second spot on the chart. The former number one and a shoo-in for a place in the chart of the year makes it a Disney double at the top of the placings. Another film that is widely available on both Disney+ and Sky Movies, the film seems to show no end of its selling power as it retains another chart run inside the top ten.

Frozen 2 - 001

The Mystery Machine seems to have sprung a small fuel leak, its brakes are wearing thin and the Scooby Snacks are almost gone as former number one ‘Scoob!‘ drops another place this week to round out the top three. Our beloved canine detective’s appetite for topping the chart seems to have gone south now after a nice run at the top of the chart came to an end last week. However, the film still seems to have legs and staying power as it continues to sell on all the home entertainment formats, making this week’s top three titles all family animated fare.


Our first new arrival has leaped up the chart by twenty places to claim the fourth spot this week. And charging in on their broomsticks once again for their yearly visit for Halloween, we say good tidings to the Sanderson Sisters as ‘Hocus Pocus‘ casts its magical spell on the chart once more. Last Halloween, the film made it up to the seventh position on the chart but this year, they have gone three placings better. The Bette Midler starring Disney film is an all-time favorite amongst families and is traditionally now screened at cinemas and on TV every year, almost in the same way as many of the Christmas films appear every December. My niece fell in love with the film many years ago and still adores it to this day, watching it every Halloween.


Our only re-entry into the chart closes out the top five. And once again, we say a fond and welcome hello as Tim Burton’s wonderful ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ makes its return once again for Halloween. Yet again, the film is now regarded as an all-time classic and seems to fit in every Halloween as well as Christmas, giving it the chance of a double appearance every year. The animated classic is another film that seems to get a run out on the cinema screen every year, although it is mainly restricted to the Prince Charles Cinema in London’s West End/ Chinatown.

Our only new entry this week hits the chart in the sixth position as we begin our tour of the bottom five placings. And it is as far removed from eight of the chart titles as can be. ‘The Tax Collector‘ is a crime drama and stars Bobby Soto and Shia LaBeouf (Remember him?) in what can only be described as a violent, nasty and at times, disturbing thriller. The film makes its debut in the chart based on digital downloads alone and is a complete antidote to the family movies that mostly occupy the placings. LaBeouf is believable and frightening in the film and considering he suffered for his art (The Tattoos he displays in the film are real and LaBeouf had them done specifically for his role), gives a career-best performance.

He has had a rest, refueled himself, managed to get the cramp out of his legs, and back into the chart race again, despite lying on top of the chart exit door last week. Rising three places back up the chart to grab the seventh spot this week, ‘Sonic The Hedgehog‘ proves he isn’t ready to depart the chart yet.


Those pesky creatures drop a single place this week as ‘Trolls: World Tour‘ decides to continue it’s musical touring from the eighth place.


Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron continue to entertain the masses despite ‘The Greatest Showman‘ dropping down the chart by three places to pitch its tent in the ninth place this week.


And finally, battling back once more for its chart life,  the masterpiece that is ‘1917‘ rises back up the chart by four places to rejoin the top ten in the tenth and final chart placing for this week.

1917 001

Swimming in menacingly on download and keep from November the 2nd, the Australian killer croc movie ‘Black Water: Abyss‘ leaps out of the water, all sharp teeth and hungry to take a bite out of the customers’ pockets. The story of the film concerns a group of friends who decide to explore a remote cave system deep in the forests of Australia just as a tropical storm is about to hit. The rising floodwaters trap the group underground below the surface. And just when they think things can’t get any worse, something even worse decides to emerge from the darkness in the shape of some rather hungry and nasty killer crocodiles. The film is an addition to the original ‘Black Water‘ film from 2007. If you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned creature-feature with rather large reptiles looking for their next meal, then this is definitely for you!

And once again, the darkness has crept up on us, bringing this week’s chart countdown to an end. My thanks for coming along for the ride for another week and again, what do YOU think will be in the top ten next week? I’ll pre-empt the conversation by saying I think several horror movies will be inside the bottom six places at the very least.

Until then, whatever you decide, whatever you buy, have fun, be safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!

And, of course, Happy Halloween!!!


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