December 6, 2022

Vin Diesel to reprise his role as Ray Garrison for a Bloodshot sequel

Despite the original film suffering the indignity of opening a week before the world’s cinemas closed their shutters up thanks to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world and only managing to take $33.48million at the box office, the Vin Diesel big-screen outing as Valient Entertainment’s character ‘Bloodshot‘ is to get a sequel. Thanks largely to the PVOD market and a great strategy from Sony to unleash the film onto the streaming format a few weeks after the closures adding to the film re-opening at screens in the world when they were allowed to open their doors again, the film has managed to make a tidy profit on its estimated $45million budget.Bloodshot

Valient’s parent company DMG and the company founder and CEO, Dan Mintz had this to say:

“I think {Bloodshot} was very successful in that respect, a lot of people saw it and it did very well in the post-release rollout but you can’t use the same evaluation process, pre-COVID, to this. {Are} Vin Diesel and all those people going to still continue? Yes, because it did so well and the response to it has been so well, it’s just that the response has been in a non-transparent environment, as opposed to a transparent environment like box office numbers.”

Diesel played the title character, Ray Garrison in the film, murdered by Toby Kebbel’s villain at the beginning of the film only to find himself resurrected as the superhuman Bloodshot and discovers that everything he thought was true is a lie. With cybernetic implants and nanotechnology running through his whole body, Garrison sets out on a mission of revenge and discovery. The film wasn’t bad to be fair. It was an entertaining and enjoyable movie without being too mentally taxing or breaking the mold. The special effects were top-notch, Diesel was watchable as always and it passed the time quite innocently.


The ending did leave room and plotlines open for a sequel and it will be interesting to see how the property moves forward and who will be returning alongside Diesel in the second go-around for the character. No details have been released as yet as to who will be writing the sequel or who will be directing. We will bring the news to you as soon as it breaks.


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