December 8, 2022

This week – Rogue One strikes back in 4K and there is some festive cheer from Last Christmas to kickstart the festive period!

I’m back! I’m back FROM the future!“. Can it really be thirty-one years ago this very month that we were given the first ‘Back To The Future‘ sequel? It seems like it was only a few years ago that my brother and I were queueing up outside our local cinema, waiting in line to get in and see what Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd were bringing us. We both loved the first film and couldn’t wait to see the next installment in the franchise, a film neither we nor anybody else, including the filmmakers expected to happen. Maybe I had set my expectations for the film too high as when I came out after it had ended, I felt a huge sense of being let down, of being short-changed, and that I had just seen the year’s biggest disappointment.


Looking back at it now, I can’t believe I felt so downhearted as the film, as with the second sequel that arrived six months later are completely and thoroughly entertaining, amusing and should go down as classics in their own right. Of course, they can’t hold a candle to the original film but, to be honest, nothing could. The original was exactly that, original. It was a film that came from nowhere and surprised and delighted the world. By the time ‘Back To The Future Part II‘ arrived four years later, the surprise value had gone and we knew what to expect. But both sequels were enjoyable, especially the third film which turned out to be a great western beneath the science fiction elements and still stand the test of time.

Back To The Future 001

And with that, welcome once more to the official top ten countdowns of what has been entertaining us all during the dreary months of lockdown. Once again, there hasn’t been much in the way of new films dropping onto home entertainment and we have to be content with classic films or movies that did manage to open at the cinema this year and are emerging onto streaming and the disc formats now. Before Christmas, we should be seeing the likes of ‘Tenet‘ on streaming and disc, ‘The New Mutants‘ on streaming ahead of its January 4th physical release, ‘Unhinged‘ on all formats, and possibly ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music‘ on streaming at the very least but maybe on the disc formats too. This week saw the physical release of Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Mulan‘ ahead of what will be its final price drop before it hits Disney+ in December. We will inevitably see the film take a place in the chart from probably next week but for this week, the inevitable has happened and four of last week’s titles have vanished from this week’s chart to be replaced by popular films that have decided to rejoin us again. This week we say goodbye once more to ‘Ghostbusters‘, ‘Casper‘, ‘The Witches‘, and ‘IT: Chapter Two‘. But what has replaced these titles in the chart and could we have a brand new number one title? Let’s go and find out.


Coming out of nowhere and re-entering the charts as high as it could get and in the process becoming our new official number one title is the delightful ‘Last Christmas‘. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding lead this enchanting, funny, and touching romantic comedy which is based on the popular ‘Wham!’ song and written by Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson who co-wrote the story alongside her husband Greg Wise. The story concerns a Christmas store worker who becomes disillusioned until she meets a mysterious man and begins to develop feelings towards him. With songs by George Michael and Wham! filling most of the soundtrack and with able support from Thompson and Michelle Yeoh, the film is one to sit down with and enjoy. It is the perfect date night film or one to enjoy by yourself and is destined to become a film that will be a regular fixture on TV in the years to come.

Last Christmas (Picture courtesy of Universal Studios and Perfect Universe Investment Inc.)

Hitting the second position on the chart as our first new entry this week, thanks to a 4K re-release, we find the best of the standalone ‘Star Wars‘ films in the form of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘. The film hit screens back in 2016 and is still a completely original and highly enjoyable film that just happens to take place in the ‘Star Wars‘ universe. Felicity Jones takes the main role of Jyn Erso, a lone woman who seems to have a knack for getting herself into trouble. A confirmed loner, Jyn is being transported to an Imperial Detention Facility when she is broken out by the forces of the Rebellion. Her father long since thought dead has been working on a secret weapon for the dreaded Empire, one that will have the ability to destroy whole planets. Of course, it is the Death Star. Jyn must work with the Rebellion to free her father and to gain the plans to this weapon in an attempt to find a way of destroying it. This is a classic war film set within the confines of ‘Star Wars‘. And it is quite easily one of the best films to come out over the past several years. It is even (dare I say It) BETTER than the last two entries into the main saga itself.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Picture courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

The bronze medal position this week goes to Disney/ Pixar’s animated sequel ‘Frozen II‘. Once again, the film has defied all expectations and has risen up the chart by two places from last week’s fifth place. The film is a shoo-in for a top-three place in the chart of 2020 for rentals and sales as it has continually been in the top ten on several occasions and is a former number one title in its own right. Despite being available on both Disney+ and Sky Movies, the film continues to sell extremely well.

Frozen 2 - 001
Frozen 2 (Picture courtesy of Disney)

Our second new entry comes in at number four, ready for Bonfire Night as we welcome ‘V For Vendetta‘ into the chart for the very first time, thanks to a 4K re-release. The 2005 movie starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving is a dystopian political action film based on the DC limited comic series by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Directed by James McTeigue and produced by The Wachowskis, Grant Hill, and the legendary action film producer Joel Silver, the film takes place in an alternative future where a supremacist and neo-fascist regime has completely subjugated the United Kingdom leading to attempts to start a revolution through terrorist acts. The film made a reasonable profit at the box office and the Guy Fawkes mask the character of ‘V’ wears throughout the film has now become a common brand, featuring on T-shirts and posters around the world and the mask itself is now commonly available.

V For Vendetta (Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Rounding out the top five best-sellers this week, we once again encounter those lovable Lightfoot brothers as ‘Onward‘ drops a single place in the quest to find their father and for chart domination. Amazing for a film that has been available for five months now, is available on Disney+, and is a former number one title.

Onward - 001
Onward (Picture courtesy of Disney)

We pause here as we look forward to the release this coming Monday of the animated adventure ‘Dream Builders‘ which makes its debut on download and keep. The Danish film concerns a young girl and her newfound ability to create and control the dreams of the people around her in an attempt to teach her loathsome stepsister a lesson. But with her newfound power, the girl takes it too far and starts to misuse her gift. The film is an entertaining CGI movie affair and will keep the kids entertained for hours along with their parents.

We resume our look at the ten biggest selling titles of the week by meeting up again with ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Tim Burton-directed animated adventure returned to the charts for its annual visit last week in the second-placed position but sees its fortunes suffer a reversal of fortune this week as it tumbles four places to become this week’s number six.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Our final new entry into the chart arrives at number seven. And it is a tribute to the late, great Sir Sean Connery to see his Oscar-winning turn hit the chart for the first time as ‘The Untouchables‘ shoots its way into the chart. The Brian De Palma directed adaptation of the classic TV series, based on the true stories from the 1930s prohibition era, was and remains a terrific gangster film with a top-notch cast that includes Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, and Robert De Niro giving a masterclass as Al Capone. But of course, the film is remembered for Connery and his turn as Jimmy Malone, the old Irish grizzled cop that becomes a vital part of Eliot Ness’ plan to take down Capone and his organization. This was simply Connery’s time to be rewarded by the Academy and so he walked away with the best-supporting actor Oscar at the 1988 ceremony.

The Untouchables (Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Rising a single place almost undetected to become this week’s number eight title, we find the quite brilliant and frightening remake of ‘The Invisible Man‘ has slipped by us and snuck back up again.

The Invisible Man (Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Last week’s number one title drops eight places this week as ‘Hocus Pocus‘ and the Sanderson sisters seem to have flown into a tree on their broomsticks and have fallen down the chart placings quite steeply, landing down in the ninth place. To be honest, the film always makes an appearance at Halloween and as such, we can expect to see it once again come next October.

Hocus Pocus (Picture courtesy of Disney)

And finally, the scooby snacks have all gone, the Mystery Machine has conked out and the gang has taken a fall of seven places to end the week over the chart exit door as ‘Scoob!‘ descends sharply down the chart.

Scoob-Warner-Bros-Scooby-Doo 3
Scoob! (Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.)

And our time together inside the top ten placings has come to an end. My thanks once again for joining in the journey through the UK’s preferred films to watch for the past seven days. And once more I ask, what do you think will be making the grade by this time next week?

Until then, whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look out for each other, and happy viewing!


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