December 9, 2023

Batman and Deathstroke take center stage in new Justice League images

2021 can’t come soon enough!

Everyone knows how much I’m excited for ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘. Any little piece of information, image, trailer, or anything that comes along instantly grabs my attention. I will admit though that I’m confused by the differing reports that are coming out regarding the new footage the film will contain. One report says it will feature four and a half minutes of new material, another says there will be over two hours of new stuff in the film. What one is telling the truth? Who knows but it will be torture waiting to find out the truth of it all. However, at least we are being teased at what is to come our way when the film finally debuts next year.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Today has seen two new images from the film hit the internet, one from Joe Manganiello, the other from Ben Affleck. One is black and white, the other full color. One features Deathstroke, the other Batman. Catch your look at them right here:

You had to do it to me, didn’t you? I’m seriously stoked even more now. Deathstroke looks seriously mean and moody in his image, just as he should. We can expect a lot more of the character to feature in Snyder’s version and that is brilliant all by itself. But seeing Batman, dressed in his outfit from the climax and firing a rather large weapon is something else. It raises the question of exactly how different Snyder’s version will be compared to the version we were presented by Joss Whedon.

Justice League - 001
Justice League (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

How different will Ben Affleck’s caped crusader be this time around? My original thoughts on the first version of the film were that they had lightened the character up far too much, that he had lost the edge he had in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘. This one image brings me to believe that he will be back as the dark knight once again, a vigilante who plays by his own rules.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut‘ hits HBO MAX and movie theatres internationally next year.


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