December 9, 2022
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer And Posters Revealed

The DC Blockbuster is still coming to the UK in December

Well, that is a massive shock!

Around 99.99% of movie insiders would have staked their homes on Warner Bros. pulling their hotly anticipated superhero sequel ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ from release this year and be moved until next summer. The film has been shunted around the release schedules for over a year and the smart money was on the film not opening in the Christmas Day slot it was assigned. Good thing no one put their property on Warners doing that as the movie studio has dropped a trailer on Youtube which confirms that the film WILL debut in theatres on December 25th. But in a stunning move, the film will also debut the same day on the HBO MAX service at no extra cost to subscribers but only for a month.

Wonder Woman 1984 - 010
Wonder Woman 1984 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

As for the international markets, however, Warners is still releasing it in theatres from December 18th, a week earlier than expected.  Many cinemas around the globe are currently closed due to the pandemic and the possibility of them being open to screen the film remains uncertain at this time.

Both writer/director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot have released statements regarding this development in the film’s fortunes. Patty Jenkins released this statement:

“THE TIME HAS COME. At some point, you have to choose to share any love and joy you have to give, over everything else. We love our movie as we love our fans, so we truly hope that our film brings a little bit of joy and reprieve to all of you this holiday season. Watch it IN THEATRES, where it is made safe to do so (check out the great work theatres have done to make it so!) And available in the safety of your home on HBOMAX where it is not. Happy holidays to all of you. We hope you enjoy our film as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Wonder Woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Gal Gadot followed up on this with these words:

“IT’S TIME. We’ve all waited a long time for this one to come. I can’t tell you how excited I am for all of you to see this movie. It wasn’t an easy decision and we never thought we’d have to hold onto the release for such a long time but Covid rocked all of our worlds. We feel the movie has never been so relevant and we hope that it’ll bring some joy, hope, and love to your hearts. Wonder Woman 1984 is a special one for me and I can only hope it’ll be as special to you too. We’ve put our hearts and souls into it. can watch it IN THEATRES (They’re doing an amazing job keeping it safe) and you can watch it on HBOMAX from your homes. Sending you my love. Please keep safe and wear a mask. Happy holidays to all of us! Let the light shine in,”

Wonder Woman 1984 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

I think that this is an interesting move from Warner Bros. with regards to the film. By allowing HBO MAX subscribers to see the film at no extra charge will deprive the studio of millions of dollars in much-needed box office revenue stateside but given that the film will only be available on streaming for a month may not hit the film’s fortunes that hard. The chance that the film will now be allowed to open internationally is great but again poses certain other problems as many are still closed until further notice. I would have preferred it if they had held the film back until it was as safe as can be to re-enter the multiplexes but can understand the desire to get the film released and to possibly bring some much-needed relief to audiences as well as beleaguered movie theatres both large and small.

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Images 05
Wonder Woman 1984 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

I hope that it is not too late for some of the independent cinemas to stave off financial ruin and to keep employing the many staff they have. It should bring in some much-required revenue to the international markets and their cinemas. While I’m not 100% convinced this is the right way to go, it could be just the right Christmas present that theatres and their staff were hoping for.


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