Eddie Murphy‘s long-awaited sequel pushed back to 2021

After Covid-19 wiped out the entire roster of blockbusters this year, movie studios have either delayed the release of their films until next year or sent them straight to PVOD. Disney did that with ‘Mulan‘ earlier this year before confirming that ‘Soul‘ would debut on Disney+ on Christmas Day. Paramount Pictures, however, decided to not only withhold some of their more expensive movies such as ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ but to sell some of them to streaming services instead. Two of these were Michael B Jordan and ‘Without Remorse‘ which is still awaiting its streaming debut date and the Eddie Murphy comedy sequel ‘Coming 2 America‘. In Murphy’s case, we now have a clearer picture.

Coming To America (Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

The film was due to hit multiplexes on December 18th before Amazon stole in and paid an incredible $125million to take the film off Paramount’s hands. Amazon has already managed to get their hands on ‘Borat Subsequent Movie Film‘ earlier this year and has dropped it onto their service already and now they have announced that the Murphy sequel to his 1988 hit ‘Coming To America‘ will make its debut on the service from March 5th, 2021. The film, starring many of the original cast alongside newcomers in the shape of Wesley Snipes and Leslie Jones to name a few, sees Prince Akeem (Murphy) journey back to the USA to meet the son he never knew he had and to fulfill his dying father’s (James Earl Jones) wish.

Coming To America (Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Arsenio Hall is once again back to join in the fun as Akeem hunts for an unlikely heir to the throne of Zamunda. And we can expect both Murphy and Hall to repeat their antics of playing multiple roles as they did thirty-two years ago in the original film.

Coming 2 America‘ starts streaming on Amazon Prime from March 5th, 2021.


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