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This week – The Last Jedi strikes back in 4K and Elf, The Grinch, and Last Christmas keep the Christmas festivities going…

“I am Diana”. After what seems like an eternity, it has finally been confirmed that ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ will indeed be making its way to cinema screens this year. Despite the film opening both cinematically and on the HBO MAX streaming channel in the United States on Christmas Day, here in the U.K, we can see the film from December 16th at the local multiplex. Or at least that is the plan from Warner Bros., the company behind making and distributing the film.

Wonder Woman 1984 - 010
Wonder Woman 1984 (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

You see, despite their best intentions to get the film out there to be seen, the cinemas themselves are now the big problem. Many of the chains are still shut and Cineworld has already stated that it is NOT re-opening their doors on December 2nd. Or possibly until next year at the earliest. They will not comment on their plans of allowing customers back through their doors and according to a report, they are considering staying shut until May of next year. This won’t help their employees who are currently not working nor the audience who will miss out on the chance to see not only ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ but also ‘Freaky‘, the new Blumhouse horror movie that is receiving rave reviews Stateside that is due out on December 27th, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘ and ‘Morbius‘ that are both due for release in March of 2021 and of course, ‘No Time To Die‘, the new James Bond film that is due for release on April 2nd of next year, a full year after it was supposed to open.

Can Cineworld REALLY afford to reopen and allow these films to be shown? It’s extremely doubtful. VUE cinemas and Odeon cinemas have yet to reveal their plans but the smart money is on the chains opening their doors again from December 2nd, ready for DC’s latest blockbuster to open.

With ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ opening next month, we are guaranteed that a big blockbuster will hit home entertainment in the new year. But for the moment, we are still restricted to titles that have been and continue to hang around the top ten every week. Of course, we are on a build-up to Christmas now and so, we can expect to see many of the old favorites make an appearance over the next month (Shh, Christmas Day is only a month away!) and the chart may chop and change a fair bit as we hurtle towards the big day. Add to that, ‘Tenet‘ is incoming to home entertainment and may play a big part in the chart before the big day happens.

Tenet (Image courtesy of Warner Bros.)

As for the moment though, it’s still all to play for once again. We find three new entries coming into the top ten and as such, we must say goodbye to ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens‘, ‘ Dolittle‘ and ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker‘. But what is the official UK number one title, the one that is keeping the public entertained in their droves? Saddle up and let’s most on out to see.


Holding onto the top spot for a second week, we find the live-action remake of the classic Disney animated film ‘Mulan‘. The story of the film’s troubles getting a release are well known now but it is great that the film has finally made its bow on home entertainment, just in time for Christmas. Despite the film debuting on Disney+ in around a week, the film will make a great Christmas gift and has timed its arrival on the disc formats to perfection. With nothing else new coming except for ‘Tenet‘, the film should have a clear run at being the number one title for this Christmas.

Mulan - 002
Disney’s Mulan (Image courtesy of Disney)

Rising a single place, Will Ferrell and his timeless classic Christmas movie ‘Elf‘ becomes the week’s number two title. The film is seventeen years old now but continues to reside in the hearts of the British public and is certain to appear on TV several times over the holidays. It is being advertised as being shown on Sky over the festive period but there is nothing better than to own a physical copy of the film, ready to put on whenever you decide you want to watch it.

Elf (Image courtesy of New Line Cinema)

Dropping a single place to round out the top three titles for the past seven days, Emilia Clarke’s wonderful and touching film ‘Last Christmas‘ hangs on in there like an ornament on a tree. Once again, the film is scheduled to be premiered on Sky this Christmas but it again is a film that deserves to be held in a physical form or digital download to keep. The film is destined to become a classic Christmas film and one that the public will take to their hearts over time. And I defy anyone to not sing along with some of the classic ‘Wham!’ songs that incorporate the film’s soundtrack.

Last Christmas (Picture courtesy of Universal Studios and Perfect Universe Investment Inc.)

Our first new entry shuffles its (dead) way into the fourth position. And making its chart debut, rising from the dead and searching for human flesh, the classic 1978 horror film ‘Dawn Of The Dead‘ makes a rather surprising appearance. The film, directed by horror maestro George A. Romero, has been newly remastered and released again. Now, if you have never seen the film and only know the 2004 remake, directed by Zack Snyder no less, then you have missed out on one of the greatest ‘Zombie’ movies of all time. It is NOT suitable for viewing by the squeamish or the easily scared as it features some rather nasty scenes of zombie feeding and is stomach-churning at times. But it remains a true classic and one any true horror fan can not be without.

Dawn Of The Dead - 001

Rounding out the top five and freezing itself in place for this week, the Disney sequel ‘Frozen II‘ refuses to depart the top ten once again. It has been in and out of the chart on a fairly regular basis but continues to sell and head towards becoming the best selling title of 2020.

Frozen 2 - 001
Frozen 2 (Picture courtesy of Disney)

We pause now to take a look at Seth Rogan’s comedy/drama ‘An American Pickle‘ which hits download and keep from November 30th. The film tells the story of an Eastern European immigrant, Herschel Greenbaum (Seth Rogan) who, along with his wife, are struggling Jewish laborers who emigrate to the United States in 1919. Herschel finds a job at a pickle factory where he ends up falling into a vat of pickles as the factory is closed one day and ends up being brined for 100 years. Herschel awakens again in 2019 where he finds his only living relative is his great-grandson, Ben (Also Rogan), who is working as a freelance app developer. The film was due for a cinematic release earlier this year but thanks to the pandemic, was sold by Sony Pictures to Warner Bros. who sent the film straight to HBO MAX in the United States before opening it in the United Kingdom cinematically the day after. The film was praised by the critics and special praise was reserved for Rogan’s dual performances. If it appeals to you, why not check it out from Monday?

An American Pickle - 001
An American Pickle (Image courtesy of Warner Bros./HBO Max)

We resume our look at what the public has been buying to keep them entertained during the cold winter months by finding the masterpiece of cinema that is ‘1917‘, which drops two places this week to continue its war from the sixth-placed position.

1917 002
1917 (Image courtesy of Entertainment One/Universal Pictures)

Family Christmas favorite ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas‘ rises two places up the chart to become this week’s number seven title. The Jim Carrey classic deserves its place in the chart as it is one of the best Christmas movies of all time.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Image courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Our second new entry uses the force to propel itself into the chart in the eighth place after a 4K SteelBook release, meaning that ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi‘ keeps the franchise in the chart once again. This is the film that turned the ‘Star Wars‘ fanbase toxic as it split it straight down the middle. The film is like cinematic Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Despite several flaws, I happen to love the film, especially the scene of the Millenium Falcon flying through the center of the planet Crait with John Williams’ thumping score screaming behind it. A truly classic moment indeed.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

Our final new entry emerges from its burrow to claim the ninth position on our chart as we welcome ‘Tremors: Shrieker Island‘ into the top ten. The seventh film in the franchise once again sees Michael Gross return as Burt Gummer to take on the creatures once more. The film has been released directly to video as have the previous five entries in the long-running franchise ever since the original ‘Tremors‘ film starring Kevin Bacon opened back in 1990 cinematically. It has already been said that if this seventh installment is successful enough, an eighth film will be coming.

Tremors: Shrieker Island (Image courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

And ending our look at the top ten for the past seven days, we find those lovable Lightfoot brothers as the animated Disney film ‘Onward‘ drops three places to end the week on top of the chart trap door in the tenth position.

Onward 002
Onward (Picture courtesy of Disney)

And our time together discovering what everyone has been buying over the past week is at an end. Thanks again for joining in the fun and the look at the top ten charts. All that remains is to ask, what Christmas movies do you think we will be seeing a return to the charts over the coming few weeks? Forget the answers on a postcard routine, just drop us a few words right here at The Future Of The Force!

Until next week, whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!


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