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Marvel’s Plasma addict gets an all-new trailer

We all know the devastation that the coronavirus has wreaked on the movie calendar for this year. Almost all of the big movies we were looking forward to having either been delayed until next year or have been dropped instead onto PVOD. The movie version of ‘Morbius‘ was one of those pushed to 2021.

Morbius - 001
Morbius (Image courtesy of Sony Pictures)

The big-screen adaptation of the Marvel character, which has been described as part of an ‘Expanding Universe’ stars Oscar-winner Jared Leto in the main role as Michael Morbius, a man who is struggling with a debilitating blood condition. After undergoing what can only be termed as an illegal experiment carried out on him, Morbius is transformed into a being who can command an army of bats, has super strength, can use sonic sounds like an attack or defense device, can turn himself into a strange purple mist, and the desire to drink blood. A Japanese trailer, introduced by Leto himself has made its way online. Control your heartbeats and your blood pressure as we take a look:

Ok, that looks amazing. And in what can only be described as a surprise cameo, Michael Keaton makes an appearance at the end of the trailer. Is he playing Adrain Toomes aka Vulture in the film? Although unconfirmed at this time, what makes it more than likely that he is, just happens to be a poster of Spider-Man proclaiming Morbius is a murderer. We know he is a living vampire but the rest of the world doesn’t. Directed by Daniel Espinosa, the film also stars Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Adria Arjona, and Tyrese Gibson.

Morbius arrives on screens on March 19th, 2021


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