February 6, 2023
Walt Disney Studios

Disney’s entire slate is on the move in the wake of the Investors Day presentation

Less than 24 hours after the Disney Investor Day and the reveal of many new films, shows, and exclusives, the studio has decided to shuffle its release dates once again and has named, moved, or removed fourteen titles from their slots over the next two years. A few were untitled and have now been revealed to the world while some have vanished completely.

Tonight | The Walt Disney Company Investor Day 2020

The changes are not only for Disney content but for features from 20th Century Entertainment and Searchlight Pictures too. Below is the list of titles affected along with their new release dates:

Antlers‘ now doesn’t have a release date, ‘The King’s Man‘ moves from 12th February to 12th March 2021, ‘Raya And The Last Dragon‘ moves from 12th March to 5th March 2021, ‘Free Guy‘ now opens on 21st May 2021, and ‘Death On The Nile‘ will now open on the 17th September 2021.


Marvel plays its regular game and shifts its dates for its in-production content:

Thor: Love And Thunder‘ moves from the 11th February 2022 to the 6th May 2022, ‘Black Panther II‘ moves from the 6th May 2022 to the 8th July 2022, and ‘Captain Marvel 2‘ moves from the 8th July 2022 to the 11th November 2022.

And finally, some of the listed content that was untitled has now been named and their release dates issued:

Encanto‘ is an animated Disney film and will open on the 24th November 2021, ‘Turning Red‘ is a Disney animated film and will open on the 11th March 2022, ‘Lightyear’ is an animated film from Disney/Pixar and will open on the 17th June 2022, and ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron‘ is the next standalone film for the long-running franchise and will open on the 22nd December 2023.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron Logo

Two as-yet still-untitled films from 20th Century Studios suffer opposing fates as one is moved from the 10th September 2021 to the 11th February 2022 while the other which was due to open on the 11th November 2022 has been removed from the schedules entirely.

Black Widow 001
Black Widow (© 2020 Marvel.)

Black Widow‘, ‘Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings‘ and ‘Eternals‘ remain unaffected at this time. As we all know, ‘Black Widow‘ and ‘Eternals‘ were due to open this year but have been delayed for a year due to the continuing health crisis. Any further release date moves, we will bring to you as soon as they are announced.

Source: Walt Disney Studios


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