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The Mission Impossible star blasts production staff for breaching COVID-19 safety protocols

Courtesy of a British tabloid newspaper, a recording of a foul-mouthed and extremely x-rated rant by none other than Tom Cruise has hit the headlines. During what is a two and a half minute blast at several English set workers in the UK, Cruise lets rip about their lack of social distancing and flouting of the COVID-19 rules while on the set of the upcoming ‘Mission: Impossible 7‘, which has been delayed several times already and seen its release pushed back to November of next year. Let’s take a listen but fair warning, strong and offensive language lies ahead:

I can understand Cruise’s anger at what he witnessed on the set of his film. The infection rate in some parts of the UK has shot up recently, causing the city of London to go into the highest tier of restrictions possible. Tom Cruise not only stars in the film but he is one of the producers behind it. Any further delay will cost the film company money and could put the film further behind. Adding to the fact is Hollywood is looking at the film and its production as the industry slowly starts to gear up again after a bad year all around. As Cruise rightly points out, many people in the industry and other sectors around the world have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and many are having trouble putting food on their tables, not only for this Christmas but beyond.

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Reckless behavior could cost more people their livelihoods at the very least and that is what Cruise is trying to get across in his angry words. Now, usually and I’m speaking as an Englishman, we would normally tell the guilty parties to ‘F**k off’ and be done with it, finished and over, we move on. But Tom Cruise has allowed his anger and emotions to run riot, laying down the law not only as a movie star but as a top Hollywood producer.

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While I agree with what Tom Cruise is saying and by laying down the law on the set, I do have a very small amount of sympathy with the workers affected. Again, speaking as an Englishman, I have seen this kind of behavior before and have seen the people being screamed at reacting and throwing some foul-mouthed words back at their aggressor. But as they have made it big by being hired to work on a Tom Cruise movie, any defense reaction would invariably see them fired regardless. Any comeback delivered to Cruise would see them escorted offset and possibly out of the industry.  So in that respect, I do feel SLIGHTLY sorry for them. But Cruise, in all honesty, has summed up quite a lot of the reactions that we would have ourselves if we saw this disregard of the rules and risking not only our safety but the safety of our fellow workers and friends.

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Tom Cruise is known for being a charming, quiet, and friendly man. This is out of character for him. But something that, in context, is justified under the circumstances in which it was made.

Source: The Sun


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