September 26, 2023
Wonder Woman 1984

Enjoy the opening minutes of Patty Jenkins‘ Wonder Woman sequel

It’s been a long time in coming but today sees the international release of the superhero sequel ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ ahead of its American debut next Friday, Christmas Day theatrically, and on HBO MAX. The reviews are in and they are all extremely positive for Gal Gadot’s fourth time playing the character and for Patty Jenkins’ writing and directing. To celebrate the film finally hitting screens, Warner Bros. Pictures has released the opening scene from the film. As you will see, it is set years before Diana left the island on the way to her destiny. Get on your marks as we take a look:

It is nice to see Robin Wright return to her role as Antiope even though it is liable to only be a brief cameo due to her character dying in the original film. And of course, Connie Nielson as Hippolyta has to make an appearance as she is also due to return in ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘ sometime next year. Lilly Aspell once again returns as young Diana from the 2017 movie and the film and Hans Zimmer’s score looks and sounds wonderful. Adding to the fun, Hans Zimmer’s score for the film has been made available to listen to on YouTube and to buy on all the major streaming sites. Check it out:

Wonder Woman 1984 is now in theatres across the world and will be released in the United States on December 25th.

Source: Warner Bros.


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