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Patty Jenkins is unsure of committing to a Wonder Woman threequel if it is destined for streaming

Despite saying she supported the release plan by Warner Bros. for her superhero sequel ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘, seeing it hit theatres around the world ahead of its December 25th release in theatres and HBO MAX in the United States, it appears that director Patty Jenkins isn’t too impressed with how the film has been handled and distributed. Also, it sounds very much like she isn’t a fan of seeing the simultaneous release of not only her film but the entire 2021 slate of movies from Warner Bros. at theatres and on HBO MAX.

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Wonder Woman 1984 (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Although she agrees there was no good way in the current climate to release her movie, Patty Jenkins was asked if she would participate in a third film featuring the Amazonian Warrior and said:

“We’ll see what happens. I really don’t know. I know that I’d love to do the third one if the circumstances were right and there was still a theatrical model possible. I don’t know that I would if there wasn’t”

Patty Jenkins also added, regarding the comments made by ‘Tenet‘ director Christopher Nolan:

“I agree with Chris. I don’t think it’s great for the future of filmmaking when COVID has passed. However, our film was different. It was presented in a very different way, which is that we are at the height of the pandemic right now and people are really suffering and struggling and the choices are to sit on our film and wait or release it”

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Patty Jenkins has the standalone ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron‘ movie on her slate for the very near future and so a third ‘Wonder Woman‘ film would be on the back burner for her. But with regards to her comments, I am in total agreement with her. Warner Bros., even though the HBO MAX deal only allows the film to be on the streaming service for 31 days and is supposedly only for one year, is seriously jeopardizing the future of cinema. This ISN’T the way for the industry to go.

Looking Forward

Hopefully, with the emergence of several vaccines for the virus, the pandemic will start to die down and, god willing, die out completely by the spring. That will allow theatres to reopen, the staff to get back to work, and for the big screen entertainment to strike back with a vengeance. It would be a complete travesty if Patty Jenkins doesn’t get the chance to direct the third ‘Wonder Woman‘ movie due to Warner Bros. move for their cinematic content and if this model becomes the norm for them and the other studios.

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot
Wonder Woman 1984 (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Many directors will walk away from making their kind of movies if the theatrical experience is placed in danger by this new business model. We can only hope that common sense prevails and Patty Jenkins and the others against this model can continue to make their movies for the theatrical experience that we have come to know and love.

Source: New York Times


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