Star Wars Battlefront Scores Coming To Our Galaxy

Disney Music has announced that Gordy Haab’s superb scores from Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 are coming our way

Many fans and gamers have had hours of fun with the ‘Star Wars: Battlefront‘ videogames over the years. The original versions, going back to the original XBOX and the Playstation 2, were terrific games to play. With the new generation of consoles, the games have made a welcome reappearance. With better graphics and gameplay, online content, and brand new characters, sounds, and scores.

The Star Wars Battlefront II | Celebration Edition Launches on December 5

Many ‘Star Wars‘ fans have been asking after these scores from composer Gordy Haab to add to their collections. And now, five years after the rebooted version of the original game was released, their wishes have been granted.


Walt Disney Records has announced that BOTH scores are to be released. The original will be available from today, January 29th. The score for Star Wars Battlefront 2 will follow on February 5th. These award-winning scores will be highly sought after and will be a welcome addition to a Star Wars fan’s collection.


BURBANK, CA (January 29, 2021) — Five years since the rebooted Star Wars™: Battlefront series debuted, Walt Disney Records will release Star Wars™: Battlefront and Star Wars™: Battlefront II Original Video Game Soundtracks, featuring award-winning scores from composer Gordy Haab. The albums will be released sequentially on January 29 and February 5 and are the audio companion pieces to the critically-acclaimed action shooter games from Electronic Arts Inc.

Star Wars™: Battlefront, from Electronic Arts Inc., DICE, Criterion Software, and Lucasfilm, is an immersive first-person and third-person shooter game that challenges players to fight for either the Rebellion or the Empire. The sequel Star Wars™: Battlefront II, from Electronic Arts Inc., DICE, Motive Studios, Criterion Software, and Lucasfilm, features players from every era and partake in epic space battles both online and offline.

The Star Wars Battlefront II | Celebration Edition Launches on December 5


Both scores were performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and The London Voices Choir at Abbey Road Studios. They have garnered award wins for Haab including Music of the Year and Best Interactive Score from the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) Awards for Star Wars™: Battlefront and Video Game Score of the Year from Film and Television Music Awards for Star Wars™: Battlefront II.

“I consider composing the original score for EA’s Star Wars™: Battlefront series one of my greatest accomplishments,” stated Haab. “Creating new music for a game with such high expectations was a colossal task, only made more daunting by my own passion and desire to pay honor to my favorite franchise. And for this reason, I poured a lifetime of love into every note. As did the orchestra who performed it – and every person who helped bring the music to life!”

Star Wars Battlefront Scores Coming To Our Galaxy


Steve Schnur, Electronic Arts’ President of Music said, “Gordy Haab brought his own aesthetic to Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II while at the same time honoring the most iconic film music in history. Watching him bring these scores to life in the same studio and with the same orchestra that was used to record the original Star Wars has resulted in remarkable music that fans are finding just as timeless. These soundtrack albums are the proof.”

Star Wars™: BattlefrontOriginal Video Game Soundtrack Tracklist:

1.       Walker Assault

2.       Pale Blue Orb

3.       Survivors Of Endor

4.       SoroSuub Skirmish

5.       The Imperial Advance

6.       The Battle In The Clouds

7.       Jundland Wastes

8.       Approach To Landing Pad 13

9.       Rebel Resistance

10.   Fully Armed And Operational

11.   The Graveyard Of Giants

12.   Jedi On The Battlefront

13.   Attack!


Star Wars™: Battlefront II Original Video Game Soundtrack Tracklist:

1.       Encounters On The Battlefront

2.       Iden Versio’s Theme

3.       Prologue And The Escape

4.       Smuggler’s Run

5.       Betrayal

6.       The Battle Unfolds

7.       Across The Galaxy Part 1

8.       Hard Decisions And The Rescue Attempt

9.       Pillio Wasteland And Skirmish

10.   Go. Survive. Live!

11.   Return To Vardos

12.   Iden And Dell

13.   Across The Galaxy Part 2

14.   Iden Reborn

15.   The Dreadnought



Brilliant news. As a fan of both the franchise and the game, I am going all out to grab myself a copy of each score to add to my collection. Both will be going straight into my iPod and will be played over and over again. If this sounds like a great idea to listen to and either drift away with the music or to have playing while you attempt to rescue or enslave the galaxy, then grab your copies NOW!

Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II are composed by Gordy Haab. Battlefront is available to buy now. Battlefront II will release on February 5.


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