August 15, 2022

The first trailer for the Netflix Pacific Rim The Black anime series brings the kaiju mayhem to the small screen

Are you ready for more kaiju destruction in Pacific Rim The Black, the new anime series from Netflix?

The ‘Pacific Rim‘ franchise has had varying amounts of success. Guillermo Del Toro’s movie was an enjoyable, ass-kicking adventure and welcome addition to the monster movies of old. The sequel ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising‘, not so much. I thought the sequel was a complete insult to the original film. But after Del Toro’s comments last week regarding the franchise and the possibility of it crossing over with the ‘Monsterverse‘ that contains King Kong and Godzilla, ‘Pacific Rim‘ is coming back once more.


Debuting on March 4th on Netflix, ‘Pacific Rim: The Black‘ is an anime show which takes place in the world dominated by the Kaiju. The show follows the exploits of a pair of siblings who are forced to pilot a long-abandoned Jaeger in an attempt to track down and find their missing parents. Netflix has unleashed a trailer for the show which you can see below:

Although little is known about the show or its direction, it does look like the kids in question will be taking on the Kaiju amongst the ruins of an Australian city. It may take some getting used to but it looks like it could be a bundle of fun and mayhem. The team of Marvel Comics writer Craig Kyle and Marvel animation writer Greg Johnson are the showrunners behind the project. While Polygon Pictures handles the animation and the style of the series.


It certainly looks like March will be the month of the big monsters. With ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘ on the horizon and ‘Pacific Rim: The Black‘ hitting the streamer at the very start of the month. March looks set to be a smash all humans month, with Kaiju’s and an extremely large monkey doing battle against each other!

And I am looking forward to it, big time.


Source: Netflix


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