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This week on the Official Film Chart – Godzilla returns, and Spider-Man keeps swinging. But it’s Bill And Ted who gets to party!

Welcome to this week’s official film chart!

“I thought she was with you?”. So says Ben Affleck’s Batman to Henry Cavill’s Superman in Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice‘.  I mention this as it has been confirmed that the Snyder cut of ‘Justice League’ has been awarded an R rating. A rating similar to our 15 and 18 certificates.


The new version of the film will hit HBO MAX in the U.S on March 18th. While we over here in Britain are still in the dark as to when we will get to see it and on what platform. But with an R rating being confirmed, we now know that it is a more violent and sweary version than the 2017 original version.


It could feasibly be dropped onto PVOD for a premium price rental. Or could drop onto all home entertainment formats to buy and keep straight away. That to me would be the logical choice as sadly we won’t be able to see it on the big screen where it belongs. Also, the film is four hours long. And it is debatable that an audience would sit in a cinema, in the dark for four hours watching a violent comic book movie.



When it comes to the UK top ten, this week sees a single re-entry into the chart. Along with a new title in the listings that rises by ten places to make its debut inside the top-selling titles. With these arrivals, two must depart. And without delay, we part company with ‘Joker‘ and ‘Bad Boys For Life‘. No doubt we will see them again but for now, they have returned their journey outside the top ten. So, let’s see what we’ve got in the placings this week once more.


They’re back! In a bodaciously excellent maneuver, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have returned to the top spot as ‘Bill And Ted Face The Music‘ becomes the official UK number one title.  The threequel has once again outsold them all and continues to entertain the British public with the pair’s crazy antics. The film has been quite the success story ever since it made its bow back in September of last year.

BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

We have to offer our congratulations to Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. Four years after its release, ‘The Greatest Showman‘ continues to sell by the thousands, meaning the film rises two places to the second position this week. The musical is another incredible success story. Receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film has been embraced by the world over and continues to be seen in homes up and down the country. Quite an achievement for a film that takes vast liberties with the true story of P.T Barnum, the showman of the title.

The Greatest Showman (Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

Roaring once more as it re-enters the chart in third place and gearing up for his battle with King Kong we find ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters‘. The sequel to the 2014 reboot and another step towards the mayhem that is bound to happen in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong‘, the film wasn’t as well-received as its predecessor. I originally felt that the film had no real heart in it but after re-watching it recently, it is a great prelude to what is to come.

Godzilla King Of The Monsters-001
Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (Image courtesy of Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures)

Dropping three places from the top spot last week, ‘The New Mutants‘ find their powers fading as they land in the fourth spot. The spin-off from the main ‘X-Men‘ franchise. A film that SHOULD have introduced the world to new characters that would appear in the next ‘X-Men’ movie. Sadly, it is a case of one and done for Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, and Charlie Heaton as these characters are likely to be recast once Disney reboots the franchise.

Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin in 20th Century Studios’ THE NEW MUTANTS. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios. © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Casting its spell again this week and using its magic to hold onto the fifth place in the chart, the remake of Roald Dahl’s novel ‘The Witches‘ remains firm. Once again managing to enchant the UK public and in particular, the young ones out there, the Anne Hathaway movie remains a family favorite.

The Witches 001
The Witches (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

I need a rest. And a coffee so let’s take a look at what is hitting download and keep from Monday, February 8th. We find that the recent remake of the enchanting tale ‘The Secret Garden‘ becomes available to buy. The film was due to open in cinemas last year. But after a brief engagement, the film was mainly available on Sky Premiere, where it opened simultaneously. Colin Firth and Julie Walters topline this new adaptation of the classic Francis Hodgson Burnett novel and the film is entertaining, charming, moving, and a treat for the whole family. Grab yourself a copy to keep when it becomes available on Monday.

The Secret Garden


Our break time comes to a time-bending end as we return to the official film chart. Here we discover ‘Tenet‘ has dropped three places to continue to amaze and confuse us from the sixth position.  The latest Christopher Nolan slice of cinematic excellence is still selling and downloading in droves. And the public cannot seem to get enough of what truly is an excellent and exciting movie.

Tenet - 040
Tenet (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

His webbing seems to be losing some of its grips. This week ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ takes a slight tumble, dropping a single place to hang out this week in the seventh position.

Spider-Man Far From Home
Spider-Man Far From Home (© 2019 Sony Pictures. All Rights Reserved.)

Jumanji: The Next Level‘ seems to have needed to reboot itself as it too takes a single place tumble this week, dropping down to take an eighth-place finish.

Jumanji The Next Level 001


Rising ten places from last week’s number nineteen to make its top ten debut is the action thriller ‘The Doorman‘.  Former ‘Batwoman‘ Ruby Rose stars alongside Jean Reno and Rupert Evans in a tale of a former Marine (Rose) turned doorman who must save her niece and nephew from mercenaries. All of whom are intent on destroying their apartment building to retrieve priceless artworks that have been hidden inside its walls. The film has been roundly derided by critics but if it sounds like an entertaining time-waster, why not check it out?

And finally, one of my favorite films from 2019, the completely bonkers but highly entertaining ‘Jojo Rabbit‘ manages to hold onto the tenth position for yet another week. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I strongly recommend doing so as you are missing out on a treat.

JoJo Rabbit - Hitler

And with that, our time inside the official film chart for the week comes to an end. My thanks once more for allowing me to take you through the titles that are keeping us all entertained during the current lockdown. And until next week…

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!

R.I.P Captain Sir Tom More.

The Official Film Chart

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