September 30, 2022

The latest international teaser for Godzilla Vs Kong reveals Godzilla slapping Kong and an explosion of monster action

The latest international teaser for Godzilla Vs Kong is here! The two mega-titans of the Legendary Monsterverse have decided to crash the big game as a new international TV spot for Adam Wingard’s monster movie has roared onto the internet. Pick your side quickly and sit back and let the two go at it below!:

Godzilla slaps Kong? Must be a one-off thing! The spot shows us a small amount of new footage but nothing that gives us any clearer idea as to who MAY win their battle for the ages or if they will fight the rumored MechaGodzilla that seems to be glimpsed in the trailers that have recently been released. The spot gives the release date as the 15th of May. This could possibly the Japanese release date as there has been no word that the film is shifting from its spot next month.

Godzilla vs Kong Poster

Godzilla Vs Kong‘ hits theatres and HBO MAX on March 31st

Source: YouTube


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