October 1, 2023
Kong And Me

Legendary Comics to release an all-new King Kong children’s book exploring his relationship with the child from Godzilla Vs Kong

Ahead of the ultimate clash of monsters, the legendary King Kong has found himself the unlikely star of a children’s book. Legendary Comics has announced that it will be launching an official children’s picture book named ‘Kong And Me‘ on the same day as the new movie ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘ hits theatres and HBO MAX.

Kong And Me Cover

The description of this new children’s book is:

“Kong will find himself the center of a charming and enthralling children’s book by New York Times’ author Kiki Thorpe. With illustrations by Nidhi Chanani (Pashmina; I will be fierce). Young fans will be able to follow along as the mighty Titan and his new pal spend a day of fun and adventure exploring the many wonders of Skull Island. Proving that friendships come in many sizes. And no matter how different we are, no one is too big or small to find a true friend.”

Godzilla Vs Kong 2

We have already seen the young girl who features in the book. She has appeared in the latest trailers. And it’s rather apt that the relationship between her and King Kong will be the focus of this story. It could lead to the youngsters cheering for the REAL king of the monsters when he and Godzilla face off.

Godzilla Vs Kong‘ hits theatres and HBO MAX from March 30th, the same day as the book hits stores.

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