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Is Black Widow Is Still Heading To Theatres?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has confirmed Marvel’s Black Widow will still release in theatres. But they are monitoring the situation closely.

Marvel’s ‘Black Widow‘ was due to open over a year ago. Scarlett Johansson’s solo movie, and the final time she will play the character, was scheduled to open at the back end of April internationally. And on May 1st in the U.S.A. And then COVID came calling, in a massive way…

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Black Widow (© 2021 Marvel.)

The film was pushed back to a November 2020 release before moving once again to currently sit in a May 7th slot. That is, of course, IF it is safe to re-open theatres. Many other films have already balked and delayed their releases until later in the year. And Marvel is being watched closely to see if they move the film again.


During a recent investor’s call, Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed that they are “Still intending for it to be a theatrical release”. Before adding “We’re going to be watching very carefully to see whether that strategy needs to be revisited.” This is what I have been fearing. With the trial of releasing ‘Raya And The Last Dragon‘ theatrically and Disney+ Premier access the same day, Disney could, in theory, decide to go the same way with ‘Black Widow’.

Bob Chapek went on to reveal “Some films we will take theatrically. Some films we will take to Disney Premier Access. And in some cases, we will take it directly to service (Disney+). It’s really about flexibility. We’re going to steer our decision making over time given (the needs) of our subscriber base.”

Black Widow 001
Black Widow (© 2021 Marvel.)

I honestly hope that the film DOESN’T gain a simultaneous release on Disney+ Premier Access. As I’ve said many times before, I believe in the theatrical experience. Sure, I’ll watch the film at home on streaming and/or the disc formats but only AFTER it has been released at the theatres. But I understand the reluctance of people not willing to risk entering a movie theatre for the foreseeable future. Or until they have been vaccinated.

All will be revealed in time but for the time being at least, ‘Black Widow‘ is scheduled to hit theatre screens on May 7th.

Source: THR


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