December 3, 2022

Another new Godzilla vs Kong children’s title reveals “Sometimes Friends Fight” (But they always make up!)

Last week saw the announcement that King Kong would be starring in his own children’s book entitled ‘Kong And Me‘. The volume will depict the relationship between the titan and the young child seen in the trailers for the upcoming ‘Godzilla vs Kong‘ which will release on March 31st.

Word has now leaked out that a second children’s book featuring Kong is on the horizon. But this time, his nemesis Godzilla will be joining him. The title of the book is interesting as it COULD be viewed as a spoiler for the movie. The book is called:


Godzilla vs Kong: Sometime Friends Fight

The official description for this second book is:

‘Share the beloved Godzilla and Kong characters with your family in this engaging board book featuring heartwarming lessons in friendship. Making new friends isn’t always easy for kids. That’s equally true for two giant monsters, where small misunderstandings can easily blossom into enormous conflicts. Godzilla vs. Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up) provides tips on how to be a good friend by using these two Titans to show young kids how to behave in familiar situations… on a much larger scale.”

Featuring adorable artwork, PlayPop board books impart developmental lessons to kids through characters their parents love, to promote a shared family experience in reading together.’



The synopsis of the book could potentially spoil what happens between the two titans during their mammoth fight. But to be totally honest, I’m expecting the pair to team up during the final half an hour of the movie to take on a shared threat together. The rumored appearance of MechaGodzilla, possibly glimpsed in the trailers recently released could be the big threat both have to face off against.

The tagline for the film claims ‘One Will Fall‘. I doubt it. Both characters are big box office across the globe and I can’t see one of them being defeated by the other. If Kong was to fall, the American and possibly European audiences will feel annoyed. The same goes for the Japanese audience if Godzilla was to fall.

Godzilla Vs Kong

No matter what the result of the battle of the two biggest titans of the Monsterverse, ‘Godzilla Vs Kong: Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make Up!) will release on April 6th.

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