February 7, 2023
Cruella Trailer

Emma Stone embraces her cruel and evil side to become Cruella De Vil in Disney’s latest reimagining.

Cruella’s just getting started, darling!

Walt Disney is seemingly on a mission to either remake or reinterprets some of their classic movies and characters. This time it’s the turn of that evil, dog-napping villainess Cruella De Vil. In the form of Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone. Disney released the first poster for the movie yesterday. And today, the debut trailer has found its way online. Put on your fur coats and grab a quick peek:


Emma Stone has the part and the accent spot on! Her look as the ultimate Queen Of Mean is inspired. The film is an origin story for the character. But her love of Dalmation coats seems to be apparent even at the earliest stage of her life. With support from Emma Thompson as the Baroness, the film has all the makings of becoming a roaring success. That is of course if our cinemas can open by the time of release. The film was originally due to release on December 23rd, 2020 before being delayed to its May release date instead.

Cruella Poster

Cruella Poster 002

With former Cruella Glenn Close acting as the executive producer on this project, it appears that Disney knows exactly how to bring the character back to the screen for a whole new generation to lap up and to fear.

Cruella‘ opens May 28th.

Source: Disney


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