Loki is back! Marvel’s lovable God of Mischief will be making his Disney Plus debut in June.

That lovable god of mischief, LOKI is gearing up for his debut on Disney+. And the House Of Mouse has confirmed that Thor’s adopted brother will arrive to unleash chaos and mayhem on the world from Friday, June 11th.

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Tom Hiddlestone will once again be stepping into Loki’s shoes in what has become his iconic role. Although not too much is known about the show as yet, the show will feature the god of mischief being dragged before the mysterious Time Variance Authority Organisation. We can guess this is due to him stealing the Tesseract once more during the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame‘.


Loki will be seen traveling through time causing mayhem along the way, and altering human history with the Tesseract as he goes. That is until he finds himself slap-bang in the middle of his own crime thriller with no way of escape. Kate Herron has directed the show while Michael Waldren is the series’ head writer.

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Joining Tom Hiddlestone for the ride are Richard E Grant, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Owen Wilson. Wunmi Mosaku, Erika Coleman, and Sophia Di Martino make up the supporting cast in what looks to be an entertaining and often hilarious show. Which like ‘WandaVision‘, will be for the whole family to sit down with and enjoy together.

Originally set to release in May, ‘Loki‘ now premieres on June 11th on Disney+.

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