Aside from the further adventures of Deadpool, Marvel isn’t planning on making any more R-Rated movies – says Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige is not one to shy away from anything. But it appears though that one thing doesn’t sit highly on his list of priorities. An R-rated MCU movie. Except for ‘Deadpool 3‘, Feige says there are currently no plans to explore the territory for any future Marvel movies. Feige did go on to say he wouldn’t completely rule out another R-Rated movie from the studio. And that if there was a story that made sense to fit into that kind of rating, they would sit down and discuss it.

Deadpool - 004
Deadpool (Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

These comments have almost certainly put to bed any chance of this year’s upcoming sequel ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘ being granted an adult rating. Even though the source material would prove that it would benefit the film and story if it did go into this territory. It also seems likely that the Andy Serkis-directed sequel never shot with an R rating in mind. And that is a letdown for the many fans of the characters involved. But, as the first film demonstrated, it CAN be done.

Deadpool, on the other hand, will NEVER fit into a PG-13 rating. EVER! The Merc With A Mouth has proven his playground is 100% within the confines of an R rating. This despite the second film being re-edited for a PG-13 rating for a Christmas release a few years back. The result? A shameless cash-in. Something that shouldn’t have been attempted. And something that despite the best efforts of Ryan Reynolds, should be shut away and never seen again.

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Deadpool (Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

But where does that leave the character that NEEDS and deserves to be in the R-rated bracket? If Kevin Feige is to be believed then the reboot of ‘Blade‘ will be shooting for a PG-13 rating. Seriously alienating fans of the character. Mahershala Ali will be stepping into the boots and leather trenchcoat this time around. He’ll be taking over the role from Wesley Snipes. Snipes’ three offerings as the Daywalker earned $416million in ticket sales and fit in extremely well within the confines of an R. And it can be argued that ‘Blade‘ led the way forward for more Marvel movies such as ‘X-Men‘ to be greenlit by studios.

Blade | Is The Daywalker About to Stalk the Night Again?

It is only my opinion but IF the ‘Blade‘ reboot shot for and was awarded a PG-13, then Marvel would have missed a major trick. It would provide its preferred family fare but at the expense of watering down the character and his exploits. And that, to my mind, would be something the fans would NEVER forgive. Blade isn’t a family-friendly character. Even though over the years, he has appeared in comics alongside Spider-Man. But the character needs to be a more adult-oriented movie.

We will see how things progress but I can reveal that IF ‘Blade‘ hits theatres in a PG-13 rated movie, you can certainly count me OUT.

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