September 21, 2023

Get your first listen to Tom Holkenborg’s new themes from Godzilla vs Kong featuring new themes for both legendary monsters!

Opening on March 31st on HBO MAX and theatrically, teaser music from ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘ has dropped. Junkie XL has allowed both themes to be made available to hear. Pick a side and take a listen:


Decent themes huh? I would have liked Kong‘s to be more in line with his 1933 score but that’s just me. Godzilla‘s theme is how it should be, all big beats and stomping. But both themes can attest to who is the villain out of them both. The trailers have already revealed the truth, now the score does the same.

Godzilla vs Kong International Kong Poster Textless


The full score needs to be heard before I can decide whether it is worthy of the two titans. But Junkie XL is usually spot on with his scores and so, I have no worries about its quality.

On a related note, the film will be heading straight to PVOD in the U.K. It is due to be released on April 1st (not an April Fools Day joke sadly) on all streaming formats. Again, the film will be available for a 48 hour rental period from purchase. However, the film may still see a theatrical release upon the UK cinemas reopening in May.

Godzilla vs Kong International Godzilla Poster Textless

Godzilla Vs Kong opens theatrically and on HBO MAX from March 31st.

Source: Junkie XL


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