September 28, 2023

Is Rob Zombie about to attempt another reboot? Rumors suggest the director is about to re-invent The Munsters!

Are The Munsters about to get the reboot treatment? When will they ever learn?

I have nothing against Rob Zombie. Ok, I detested his two ‘Halloween‘ movies with a passion. (I’m a HUGE John Carpenter fan). But ‘House Of 1000 Corpses‘, ‘31‘ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects‘ were highly enjoyable gory movies. But if the rumors are to be true, he could be about to re-invent a 1950s horror-comedy classic TV show.



Zombie is a huge fan of the old show ‘The Munsters‘. He has recorded a commentary track for the Blu-Ray release of the ‘Munster, Go Home!‘ movie. Some of his music has been inspired by his days of watching the show over the years. But if word is to be believed, he could be about to helm a big-screen feature film of the series. According to the report, Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Daniel Roebuck, Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake, and Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson have been cast in the film.

In a surprise move (if it’s true), veteran Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Who) will also be appearing in the film, which is due before cameras in Hungary very soon. It has been mentioned that the film will be a horror-comedy, the same as the show. Once more, I would take the report with a large pinch of salt at this time.

The Munsters Poster


Let’s face facts. A remake of ‘The Munsters‘ is all well and good. But Rob Zombie writing and directing it? I’m unimpressed. Why? Because taking old shows and ‘Reimagining’ them as horror films has a rather patchy history. ‘The Banana Splits Movie‘ just about managed to pull it off. Taking the premise of a classic kids show and remaking it as a blood-soaked horror film could have gone either way. Thankfully, it was hilariously funny as well as being gory and violent.

But then we come to ‘Fantasy Island.’ Take a classic innocent drama TV show and turn it into a horror film? It was godawful. And it just didn’t work. The idea was sound, the film was a stinker. A rare misfire from Blumhouse. Even the unrated cut sucked.

Rob Zombie will probably turn ‘The Munsters‘ into a bloody and violent horror film. This ISN’T the way to go. While being a decent filmmaker, he shouldn’t go down this route. History should tell him that it isn’t the right path for the film. Then again, being a fan of the show, he may tone down his usual style and bring the world a PG-13 rated film version. That would be something to behold. Alas, I really can’t see it happening.

Fantasy Island Trailer Featured


All this is still speculation and until we get a definitive answer, we have to take the rumor as just that. A rumor. Something tells me though that it will turn out to be true. I wish Rob Zombie the best of luck with the film. But I say to the film studios, when will you ever learn? When will you realize that remaking classic shows into things they are not, rarely work? If you want to waste your money attempting it, then fine. Just don’t expect the audiences to bother going to the movies to watch it.

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