February 6, 2023
Black Widow Disney Plus Poster

Black Widow and Cruella to debut on Disney Plus. Free Guy, The King’s Man, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings all delayed!

Today seems to be all go at Disney.  So far, there has been a torrent of announcements. We finally have our answer to whether ‘Black Widow‘ would be a theatrical release or go to Disney Premier Access. The answer is it’s hitting both simultaneously.

Alongside a new poster for the film, the release date has been delayed until July 9th from May 7th. This is to give theatres more time to be ready for a post-covid opening for the film. Disney has confirmed that the film will hit Disney+ Premier Access service the same day for $30. This is liable to be the same around the globe.


Black Widow Disney Plus Poster

With ‘Black Widow‘ moving back, it means that another Marvel/Disney film has to move back too. ‘Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings‘ has now moved to open on September 3rd instead of July 9th.  However, no news has reached us yet on any delay to ‘Eternals‘ which is due for release in November.

Shang-Chi and the Legend Of The Ten Rings

Ryan Reynolds’ flick ‘Free Guy‘ doesn’t escape either as it sees its release shifted to August 13th from May 21st. Scheduled for release in July 2020, the film has now been pushed back three times.



The pushbacks don’t end there. ‘The King’s Man‘ now moves to December 22nd from August 20th. ‘Death On The Nile‘ moves from September 17th to February 11th, 2022 while ‘Deep Water‘, the Ben Affleck/ Ana De Armas thriller vacates the August 13th spot to move to January 14th, 2022.

Death on The Nile 001

It isn’t all delays though. Upcoming Emma Stone film ‘Cruella‘ has now been confirmed as being released on May 28th simultaneously at theatres and Disney+ Premier Access. While the animated film ‘Luca‘ will be heading straight to Disney+ on June 18th at no extra cost to subscribers.  As of yet, there is no word on whether the Dwayne Johnson/ Emily Blunt film ‘Jungle Cruise‘ will be delayed further or will head straight to Disney+ Premier Access.

We will bring you any further developments as soon as they are announced.

Source: Disney Plus


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