September 27, 2023
Godzilla Vs Kong

In its first weekend of release on the international market, Godzilla vs Kong has taken a hefty bite out of the box office.

GODZILLA VS KONG takes a bite out of the box office!

Two titans go to war against each other. A mechanical monster takes them both on. What’s not to like? Nothing apparently. Although ‘Godzilla vs Kong‘ has yet to open domestically, it’s smashed its way into international box offices. The film has made itself an estimated $121.8million so far. $70million of the figure has come from the Chinese box office. Not a bad start for a film that costs as much as $200 million to produce.

Godzilla vs Kong Featured

The film hits U.S screens from this Wednesday alongside a month-long HBO MAX debut. In other countries where the box offices are still closed, the film will become available on streaming services from Friday. In the United Kingdom, the film will be available for a 48-hour rental. A cinematic release may be granted when the cinemas reopen in May. It certainly sounds that way after Cineworld made a deal with Warner Bros. last week.

Godzilla Vs Kong 2


While the two titans are gearing up to attack the U.S box office, the number one film domestically is ‘Nobody‘. The surprise action film from Bob Odenkirk managed to top the tree with an estimated $6.7million over the weekend. With good critical reviews behind it, the film has managed to take $11.7million worldwide. With support from the terrific Connie Nielsen and the legendary Christopher Lloyd, the film could be a sleeper hit.

Godzilla Vs Kong

However, Godzilla and Kong‘s shadows loom large over the theatres and ‘Nobody‘ will possibly drop down the listings by next Monday. With only the supernatural horror film ‘The Unholy‘ opening this weekend, it seems it’s a straight-up fight for the top. And one where I can predict the titans will prevail. And they are off to a terrific start around the world.

Godzilla vs Kong‘ opens this Wednesday.

And in this universe…KONG IS KING!!

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