January 30, 2023

It’s time for the Black Widow to face the demons of her past in the new trailer for Scarlett Johansson’s solo adventure

It has been a long time in coming. It has been delayed constantly thanks to COVID. But now, finally, we are near the release of Marvel’s ‘Black Widow‘. The final appearance from Scarlett Johansson as the title character is due to hit us in July. So, it is time once again to start the promotional gears turning. A brand new trailer for the film has made its way online. Lock and load, ready for battle:

The film follows events after ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ Natasha Romanoff must face the demons from her past. All thanks to a conspiracy that links back to her time in ‘The Red Room’. Joining her on her adventure are Yelena Belova and Melina Vostokoff, both Black Widows in their own right. The film will see Johansson hand the baton over to Florence Pugh who portrays Yelena. Red Guardian will also make an appearance in the film. As will the iconic Marvel villain Taskmaster.

Black Widow vs Taskmaster

Alongside Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz plays Melina, David Harbour plays Red Guardian, William Hurt returns as Thaddeus Ross, and Ray Winston as Dreykov, the head of The Red Room. And, of course, there is the cameo appearance from Robert Downey Jr in what will probably be his final appearance in the MCU as Tony Stark/ Iron Man.

Black Widow‘ opens in theatres and on Disney Premier Access on July 9th.

Source: Marvel


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