Emma Stone transforms into one of Disney’s most iconic villains in the latest trailer for Cruella

In a little over a month, Emma Stone will be unveiling ‘Cruella‘ onto the world. The Disney live-action prequel to their classic ‘101 Dalmations‘ is due to hit screens and Disney+ Premier Access from May 28th. In preparation for the film‘s release, a new trailer has been unveiled to the world. Lock up the dogs, grab your fur coat and join me in a look at the ultimate queen of mean:


The film looks like it could be a riot of fun. And considering the film has garnered a PG-13 rating, it could be a much darker version of the character. Emma Stone looks perfectly cast as the Dalmation coat loving psychopath.  Emma Thompson looks to be a perfect foil for her. Because of these elements, Disney may have a sleeper summer hit on their hands.

Cruella‘ arrives on May 28th

Source: Walt Disney Studios


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