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This week on the Official Film Chart – Zack Snyder’s Justice League shoots straight to the top ending Wonder Woman’s reign!

Welcome to The Official Film Chart.

We are just under three weeks away from the cinemas reopening. Many people have enjoyed watching the big releases at home over the past year or so. But nothing can take the place of the cinema experience. Showcase has announced they will certainly be reopening on May 17th. Cineworld and Vue are expected to announce the same any day now. But none of the chains is telling their customers exactly what films will be showing upon reopening.

International Cinema


It is rumored that ‘Godzilla vs Kong‘, ‘Mortal Kombat‘, Wonder Woman 1984‘ and other films that bypassed cinemas will be on the schedule. Also, it is being said that ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘ will be getting a cinematic release. We already know that the IMAX version is coming later in the year. Could we be getting it too?

Speaking of ‘Mortal Kombat‘, the film is the new U.S number one film at the box office. The film also debuted on the HBO MAX site for 31 days. The film hasn’t appeared on any listings for a PVOD release as yet. It looks likely it will be held back to hit cinemas from May 17th. The cinemas need some big hitters to screen when the doors swing open again.

Mortal Kombat

As for the home entertainment charts, it’s a case of greeting some, losing some. This week, we say adios to ‘The Invisible Man‘, ‘Harry Potter: The Complete Collection‘, ‘Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone‘ and ‘Godzilla‘. But can ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ make it a magnificent seven weeks at the top of the chart? Hold on tight, we going for a ride!

Official Film Chart


She has been defeated! No seventh week at the top for ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘. But what has taken her place? UNITE THE LEAGUE! Hitting the top spot based on digital sales alone, the epic that is ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘ has taken over. The film is a masterpiece of comic book movies, akin to ‘Avengers: Endgame‘.

The film has long been demanded by DC fans the world over, myself included. After the debacle that was the original 2017 version, fans clamored for the definitive version. And boy, were we given it! Over four hours long, more in-depth than before, and with a much harder edge, this is what we deserved from day one.

Zack Snyder's Justice League - Superman

Although the film is available on Sky Movies, the digital version is much clearer, the sound is much better, the colors are more vibrant than before, and the film is worthy of its £13.99 price point. The film gained more than 9,000 more sales compared to its competition for the top spot. And has vindicated the choice to finally complete the ‘Snyder Cut‘. The film isn’t for the whole family, giving us a more adult, 15 rated comic book movie. The film will go down as a bonafide classic of the genre.

Zack Snyder's Justice League - United


Wonder Woman herself can’t complain. She still, in theory, has the number one spot. And she also holds the second spot on the chart too as ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ bows to the inevitable and drops down a place. The film has sold extremely well on home entertainment to go with the PVOD rentals. And with rumors going around that the film will be released in cinemas once they reopen, she still has a chance of earning more.

Wonder Woman 1984 - 001
Wonder Woman 1984 (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

We have a new entry in at number three. And we welcome Nicolas Cage into the chart with his new film…ahem…’ Willy’s Wonderland.’ Try not to snigger at the title! The film sees the Oscar-winning actor star as the title character of Willy, a janitor who is tricked into working at an abandoned and condemned family fun center. While there, he has to fight for survival against the animatronic mascots contained with the center who are possessed and come alive. If that sounds familiar, it sounds very much like the plot for the ‘Banana Splits‘ movie a few years back. That saw the characters turn into blood-crazed killers. But both films are highly amusing and entertaining.

Willy's Wonderland

His jokes are wearing a bit thin now. But that doesn’t stop the powerhouse drama ‘Joker‘ too much. Despite its fall of a place to become this week’s number four. Joaquin Phoenix’s masterclass of performance as Arthur Fleck, who will become The Joker, still disturbs us two years after it was first released. Another example of DC giving the fans a more adult take on the comic book characters.

Joker 004
Joker (© 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, fresh from being voted the top movie to watch during lockdown by BBC ‘The One Show‘ viewers return. ‘The Greatest Showman‘ rises seven places to round out the top five this week. We can’t be too surprised as the film has been the one that everyone has turned to, to keep them going over the past year. A piece of feel-good entertainment.

The Greatest Showman - Official Film Chart
The Greatest Showman (Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

Coming to the disc formats from this Monday, we discover the reboot of ‘Wrong Turn‘. A mere eighteen years after the original film made its debut comes this reboot of the film. The 2003 film gave rise to a series of never-ending sequels, none of which were a patch on the original. This time though, the premise remains the same but has nothing to do with what’s gone before it. The story still depicts the deaths of the young cast by inbred cannibals lurking in the woods somewhere in rural America. But this time, the story tries to expand itself out a bit more, with a great deal of success. No spoilers but don’t switch off as the end credits roll. Grab it on the disc formats from Monday.

Wrong Turn


We return to the top ten once more after our brush with the cannibals. It is here that we find the Disney/Pixar animated BAFTA and Academy Award-winning ‘Soul‘.  Despite all its awards success. the film has seen a four-place tumble this week as it now resides in sixth place.

Disney Pixar's Soul

He may be ruling the American box office charts and the PVOD rentals around the world. But that doesn’t stop ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters‘ from suffering a fall of three places to breathe his atomic breath from the seventh position this week.



Rising a place to take over the eighth spot is the Kevin Costner/Diane Lane modern western drama ‘Let Him Go‘. The best thing Costner has been in for years, the film is a slow-burning but excellent drama for those late nights alone with your better half.

Our final new entry this week lands itself in the ninth position. Cutting a path through the rest, the ‘Urban Legends Trilogy‘ boxset arrives in bloody style. As the name suggests, the set comprises all three of the films in the franchise. ‘Urban Legend‘, Urban Legends: Final Cut‘, and ‘Urban Legends: Bloody Mary‘. Where the first two films are the standard slasher fare, the third film takes a novel approach. The third film is still a slasher movie but this time, it takes on a from beyond the grave turn. The title character of Mary vanished in 1969, never to be seen again. Now a new bunch of teens is killed off by a ghostly killer. It actually is quite enjoyable. I still like the first film best though.

Urban Legend 003


And finally, the bug spray has worked its dreaded magic. ‘Spiderman: Far From Home‘ finds itself far from the top placings as it tumbles four places to land in the tenth and final position in the chart.

Spider-Man Far From Home

And there we have it. The chart is complete. Thanks once more for joining in the ride through what is making waves on home entertainment. And until next week…

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!!

The Official Film Chart

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