October 1, 2023
Noah Centineo Departs Masters Of The Universe

Sony’s Masters Of The Universe reboot finds itself without its leading man after Noah Centineo vacates his role as He-Man

Two years ago, Noah Centineo signed on the dotted line to play He-Man. He was cast as the lead for the cinematic reboot of ‘Masters Of The Universe‘. All eyes were on the project with eager anticipation. What would the actor bring to the dual role as Prince Adam/ He-Man? It seems like we can only guess now.

After gaining 30lbs of muscle for the role. And after getting himself in perfect shape for the film. Centineo will no longer be the Prince of Eternia. A representative for the actor has told Collider that their client “Is no longer attached to that project”. No reason for his departure from the film has been provided.

Noah Centineo


Noah Centineo has various projects on the go at the moment. The main one being playing Atom Smasher in the now filming ‘Black Adam‘ movie. Centineo is currently filming alongside Dwayne Johnson, Aldis Hodge, and Pierce Brosnan in the DC big-screen adaptation. Johnson has long been trying to get the film off the ground. This could be the reason Centineo has departed from ‘Masters Of The Universe‘.

Black Adam Logo


With his departure, the film now needs to bring in a replacement and fast. The film has been on and off production slates for several years now. It looked like the film was firmly on again. Now, with the loss of Noah Centineo as the lead, the film may find itself back on the shelf. Only time will tell.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Who is your pick to replace Noah Centineo in the film? What actor do you think would be perfect as the muscle-bound hero? Or do you think the film should be left in the ‘what might have been’ pile of never-produced movies? Why not drop us a line with your thoughts.

Source: Collider

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