Thanks to a sneak peek from Empire Magazine, Michael Myers returns to haunt Haddonfield once again in Halloween Kills!

Courtesy of the British film magazine, Empire, a new image from the upcoming sequel ‘Halloween Kills‘ has been released. And it is of serial killer Michael Myers himself.  Played in the new movie by James Jude Courtney, Airon Armstrong as the 1978 Myers and original Myers actor Nick Castle, the film looks to be yet another quality chapter in the saga of the killer and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Lock your doors, bolt your windows and get ready for the return of the boogeyman:

Michael Myers returns once more in Universal Pictures’ ‘Halloween Kills’
Cast members old and new are the focus of Michael’s bloodlust.

The new film follows on directly after the events of 2018s ‘Halloween‘. Once again, Jamie Lee Curtis appears as Laurie, with support from Judy Greer as her daughter Karen, Andi Matichak as Karen’s daughter, and Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson alongside other actors from the reboot. Also, Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, and Charles Cyphers return to their roles as Lindsey Wallace, Marion Chambers, and Leigh Brackett respectively while Anthony Michael Hall takes over the role of Tommy Doyle from Brian Andrews.

Halloween Kills‘ hits theatres on October 15th.

Source: Empire Magazine


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