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This week on the Official Film Chart, Peter Rabbit hops up, Tom & Jerry arrive, and Wonder Woman and the Justice League fall. But nothing can stop Raya And The Last Dragon from claiming the top!

Welcome to the Official Film Chart.


While the cinemas have only just reopened and are showing blockbusters that we didn’t get to see on the big screen, two have hit download and keep.Godzilla vs Kong‘ has become available to buy on digital this past Monday. The monster showdown is available for £13.99 from all the main retailers. The film hits physical form on June 14th so there is a nice three-week window to own it early if you so desire. The film is currently playing in cinemas across the country but if you’re unsure whether to brave a trip to your local screen or not, there is another option tailor-made for you.

Godzilla vs Kong Wallpaper


The other film that has hit download and keep is Chaos Walking‘. The film, starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley has had a torrid time in its production. Originally finished back in 2017, the film had to undergo extensive reshoots after testing badly with audiences. The film was due to open in cinemas back last year but was pulled thanks to the pandemic. It did get a small opening in American cinemas but completely bypassed screens here. The film is available for £9.99 on digital now for the bank holiday weekend and hits the disc formats from June 1st.

Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland in Chaos Walking


And the week wouldn’t be complete without at least one mention of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League.’ After a successful debut on Sky Movies and a terrific opening salvo on download and keep, the film hit the disc formats this past Monday. The version I now own is the color edition. The ‘Justice Is Grey’ version is not included. However, if you decide to buy the film on download and keep, both versions are included. The original color version is presented first followed by the black and white edition. I guess the ‘Justice Is Grey’ version will be available on disc separately sometime soon in the future.


As for this week’s chart, we see five titles depart and five new arrivals take their places. It is ‘Adios’ to Justice Society-World War II’, ‘The Virtuoso’, ‘The United Way’, ‘Venom’, and ‘Tenet’. In their places, we find three new entries alongside two re-entries. But can The Little Things‘ continue to reign big over the rest of the chart?


No, it can’t! Coming out of nowhere and flying itself into the highest position in the chart, our brand new number one is the Disney animated feature Raya And The Last Dragon‘. The film has been available on Disney+ Premier Access before making its way onto DVD and Blu-Ray. The film, featuring the vocal talents of Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, and Gemma Chan tells the story of a re-imagined world. Humans and dragons lived together in peace until evil monsters threatened the land. The dragons sacrificed themselves for humanity and have been extinct for 500 years.

Now, the monsters, known as Druun, are back to threaten the land again. It is up to the youngster Raya (Tran) to find the last dragon and put an end to the monster threat for good. The film is an enchanting tale and one for all the family to enjoy.

Raya And The Last Dragon


Heading straight into the chart and landing in second place this week, we welcome Tom And Jerry: The Movie‘ into the chart. The big-screen outing for the classic pair makes its mark on the chart on digital downloads alone. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Michael Pena, the film is fun for the whole family. Kids will enjoy the antics of the cartoon cat and mouse while adults will get a kick out of seeing the characters bring their mayhem once again. However, critics hated the film. And you can see why. Tom and Jerry are supposed to be the stars but are relegated to almost cameo appearances in their own movie. It is more like a vehicle for Ms. Moretz than a proper Tom and Jerry movie. And that is an insult to the audience.

Tom And Jerry The Movie
TOM and JERRY in Warner Bros. animated/live-action adventure “TOM & JERRY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

After spending the past several weeks as the UK’s second favorite movie, Wonder Woman 1984‘ yields to the inevitable and falls a place. The DC superhero sequel now continues its fight for chart domination from the third-placed position. Although not as good as the original film, the Gal Gadot-led sequel is still an enjoyable piece of escapist entertainment. The main problem I had with the film is that the newer DC films containing the character didn’t include the traits she displays during this film. Some even feel like an afterthought. But the film is great fun just the same.

Wonder Woman 1984 - 002
Wonder Woman 1984 (© 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Last week’s chart-topper, The Little Things‘ suffers a big drop off. The film falls three places to become this week’s fourth-placed title. The Denzel Washington police thriller, although a worthy watch and a great film to add to any collection, doesn’t seem to have the staying power in the chart race this week. co-starring fellow Oscar-winners Rami Malek and Jared Leto, the film didn’t get a UK cinema release and has hit the chart based on its cast list alone.

little things photo


Rounding out this week’s top five is an action film that makes its chart debut twenty-seven years after it first burst onto cinema screens. Thanks to a new 4K UHD release, the classic Keanu Reeves film Speed‘ drives into the chart. The 1994 action spectacular continues to excite and enthrall viewers to this day. Reeves reinvented himself as an action hero in the film and it could be argued that it led the way to his casting in the role of Neo in The Matrix‘ movies. With another star-making performance from Sandra Bullock and having the legendary Dennis Hopper as the villain, the film was a sensation. Forget the abysmal sequel (everyone else has) and settle back with a true original action movie. And one of the best of all time.



Hitting the download and keep format from the 31st of May, you can own the Oscar-Winning drama Sound Of Metal‘. Riz Ahmed gives an Oscar-nominated performance as Ruben, a heavy metal drummer who loses his hearing. The film is tear-jerking at times and is devastating to watch as Ruben slowly deteriorates as his deafness becomes more pronounced.  With excellent support from Olivia Cooke as Lou, Ruben’s girlfriend, Paul Raci as Joe, a deaf former alcoholic who runs a shelter for deaf recovering addicts, Lauren Ridloff as Diane, a teacher who helps Ruben learn sign language, and former Bond villain Mathieu Amalric as Lou’s father, Richard, the film is not to be missed. Just remember to have tissues with you when you watch it.

Sound Of Metal


Thanks to the sequel finally hitting UK cinema screens, the original Peter Rabbit‘ decides to hop up the chart this week. The film, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, and Sam Neill in live-action roles, and James Corden, Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Debicki, and Sia in vocal performances, the film has become a family favorite. Neill, Gleeson, and Byrne also contribute to the vocal performances in the film that gained mixed reviews but earned $351.3million around the world.

Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit (James Corden) in Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT.

Dropping four places to continue their fight against Steppenwolf and Darkseid from seventh place, Zack Snyder’s incredible Justice League remains in the top ten. Although it has dropped significantly this week, the film hit the disc formats this past Monday, guaranteeing that it will fly back up the charts again next week.

Zack Snyder's Justice League


Over the years, there have been many films that have clung to the tail of Jaws‘. There have been the good (The Shallows), the enjoyable (Deep Blue Sea), and the downright insulting (Jaws: The Revenge, Sharknado). But Hollywood does enjoy a good old-fashioned shark attack movie. And the next to take a turn is this week’s final new entry in Great White which debuts at number eight. Based on true events, the film tells the story of five passengers of a stranded seaplane, miles away from the shore who are menaced by two Great White sharks. The film is due for a cinema release in the U.S.A in July but we lucky Brits get to see it early, ready for the bank holiday weekend. I have no idea if it’s any good or not. I’ll reserve judgment on it until I do.

Trailer For Great White Swims In


As the new film continues to screen in the multiplexes and at home, thanks to its digital download and keep release, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters‘ decides it wants to roar inside the top ten once more. Moving back into the chart in the ninth position, the film has moved six places from last week’s fifteenth position.



And finally, slipping five places down the chart to spin his webs from the tenth and final position this week, Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ rounds out this week’s official film chart.

Spider-Man Far From Home


And that is all she wrote for the past seven days. My thanks for joining in the look at what is making the grade on home entertainment this past week. Next week, I would expect to see Godzilla vs Kong make its official film chart debut, possibly in one of the top positions while Justice League‘ should rise back up the rankings. Until then…

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, stay safe, be kind, look after each other, and happy viewing!

Official Film Chart

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