Reynolds' Free Guy Gets A New Trailer!

Ryan Reynolds steps up to be a hero in the new trailer for the sci-fi action comedy Free Guy!

Thanks to COVID forcing it to shift around the release schedules, the new comedy from Ryan Reynolds entitled ‘Free Guy’ has been shuffled around more than most. It was, at one time, pulled from the release schedules altogether. Thankfully, that is all about to change. The film is scheduled to hit screens on August 13th. To build up the hype for the film, a new trailer has been released. Grab your joysticks and let’s play:


The film concerns Guy (Reynolds), who works as a bank teller. Unbeknown to him, he is actually a non-playable character in a videogame called Free City. The game is an open-world videogame. Thanks to a program developed by two programmers, Guy becomes aware that his world isn’t real. He decides to make himself the hero of this world. All the while, facing off against the developers of the game who are attempting to shut it down.



The cast includes Jodie Comer as Milly, one of the programmers for the game Reynolds character inhabits. Joe Keery as Keys, another programmer. Taikia Waititi as the publisher, Antoine. Lil Rel Howery as Buddy, Utkarsh Ambudkar as Mouser, and Camille Kostek as Bombshell. However, Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Tina Fey, and John Krasinski are confirmed to be cameoing in the film. Also, making a posthumous appearance during proceedings is the late Jeopardy! host, Alex Trebek.

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds


Reynolds also produces the film alongside Shawn Levy, who also directs proceedings. Sarah Schechter, Greg Berlanti, and Adam Kolbrenner also are producers. The screenplay for the film is written by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn while Christophe Beck provides the score. The film is distributed by 20th Century Studios.

‘Free Guy’ opens August 13th.

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