September 30, 2023
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts

Transform and roll out! Transformers Rise Of The Beasts promises to deliver the beginning of the Beast Wars

The Beast Wars are about to begin – Transformers Rise Of The Beasts is coming to a screen near you in 2022.

The big-screen versions of ‘Transformers’ have a varied history. The 1986 animated movie is a cult classic. One that my family revisits several times a year. The Michael Bay movies, not so much. Let’s face facts. Some are ok, some are average. And at least one is abysmally bad. ‘Bumblebee’ showed that it could be done correctly and with great results. But now, we could be about to be blown away completely.

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Paramount Pictures has hosted a live virtual event. And they revealed that theTransformers theatrical universe isn’t finished. The event was moderated by Vanity Fair’s Anthony Breznican. In attendance were producer Lorenzo Bonaventura and director Steven Caple Jr. And two of the new movie stars, Dominque Fishback and Anthony Ramos. They dropped a surprise on us. The title of the new film will be:

transformers 4 beast wars movie


Fans will know where this will lead to. We have been promised the scale of the Michael Bay movies. An outstanding spectacle along with the character development. And the humanity of Bumblebee‘. Also, some juicy details regarding the film have been dropped on us too:

  • We will finally get to see the Predacons, Maximals, and Terrorcons on the big screen. They are said to be joining the existing battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the film.
  • The film is said to be taking place in 1994 New York. In particular, it will be set in Brooklyn.
  • Bumblebee will be back and in a classic Camaro/off-road vehicle form.
  • Mirage will also be a part of the Autobot team. His car form will be a Porche.
  • Arcee will be making an appearance. Her vehicle form is to be a Ducati 916.
  • Airazor is one of the Maximals in the film as is Rhinox.
  • The leader of the Maximals is Optimus Primal, the “father figure of the Maximals.”
  • The main Transformer will once again be Optimus Prime. And once more, he will have the vocal talents of Peter Cullen. And in an exciting move, Prime will be in the now-classic  G-1 form.New Transformers Movies Inbound
  • Sections of the film will take place in Peru and in particular, Macchu Picchu.
  • Scourge will be one of the Terrorcons.
  • A female Terrorcon is named Nightbird, whose car form is to be a Nissan GTR.
  • The character of Noah is to be played by Anthony Ramos. He is said to be from Brooklyn. He lives with his mom and his younger brother after serving in the military. Noah acts as a kind of a father figure to his brother. He is described as trying to find his way after he gets back from service in the military.
  • The character of Elena is played by Dominique Fishback. She is also from Brooklyn. She is employed at the museum as a researcher of artifacts. She’s trying to make a name for herself while working there but her boss keeps taking credit for everything she does.Can Bumblebee Revitalize the Transformers Franchise?

It seems that the film will be in the style of Michael Bay. Although he has no hand in the new movie. The film is a throwback to the 1990s summer movies. Something Bay is a past master of. But after his last movie in the franchise, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight.’, it appears his time with the robots is done. To be honest, I think it’s a good idea to move the franchise forward without the input of Bay. His movies have been big on action and spectacle. But hardcore fans hate what he delivered. And after ‘Transformers: The Last Knight.’ which I personally HATED, I believe someone else should be given a chance. For someone new to bring the franchise to the screen. All I ask is to bring the Dinobots into the new film and do them justice this time around!

Transformers - 001

What do YOU think of the news? Excited? Unhappy? Will you be going to see the film? Why not drop us a line with your thoughts!

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