Sabine Wren In Star Wars Ahsoka

A new report suggests an actress is being sought for the Ahsoka series!

Things just got extremely interesting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm is actively searching for an actress to portray Sabine Wren. The character is reportedly going to appear in the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’ series. The show should release on Disney+ sometime in 2022. Rosario Dawson will be reprising the role after her appearance in season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 13 (Image Courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

The ‘Ahoka’ series will exist alongside ‘The Mandalorian’ and The Book Of Boba Fett‘. It was planned that it would also run alongside the announced ‘Rangers Of The New Republic’. But after Disney removed Gina Carano from its future plans, the show will not now go ahead. The plan is to connect the shows through interconnected stories before culminating in a spectacular ‘climactic story event’. ‘Ahsoka’ will be a limited series that will be set sometime after the climactic events of the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ animated show.

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This news, if true would be fantastic. It would be a worthy conclusion to the events set up by the climax of the animated show. If you remember, Ahsoka and Sabine Wren teamed up once more to search for the missing Ezra Bridger. Bridger decided to stay aboard Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ship as it was dragged into hyperspace; to make sure he was finally defeated. IF we get to see Sabine Wren one more time, it could lead to the discovery of Bridger during the show. And could lead to finally seeing a live-action Thrawn hitting our screens. The possibilities are endless.

Thrawn - Timothy Zahn Review

But who could play Sabine Wren? That’s the question that every Star Wars fan will be asking themselves at this point. Who could they cast to fill Sabine’s boots in a live-action show? It doesn’t have to be a big name. It needs to be someone who can grasp Sabine’s mantel and bring her to life in live-action. That’s what we all want to see. And if Lucasfilm gets it right, it could lead to further adventures for the character somewhere down the line. We wait with anticipation for any announcement.

Who do you think should play Sabine Wren? Do you want to see her return in the ‘Ahsoka’ series? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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