February 3, 2023

The brand new figure of the iconic serial killer hits shelves this fall!

I admit it. I have almost every Michael Myers figure there has ever been. From the first versions released right up to the limited editions, I have got nearly every single one. However, as can be expected, I have yet to own the ‘Halloween Kills’ versions. That is going to change! NECA has finally lifted the veil that hid their 7″ figure of the character. And it is glorious! The figure even features a burnt mask plus is missing some fingers from his left hand, courtesy of Laurie Strode in the last film. If that’s not enough, the figure comes with the customary accessories. But don’t just take my word for it.



The figure comes with a selection of knives, a Halligan bar. A baseball bat, a smashed bulb, a Silver Shamrock Skull mask. A selection of different hands and a changeable head. The addition of the baseball bat is interesting. Could that mean that Tommy Doyle, seen wielding the bat in the trailers will either lose it or have it taken from his dead hands? It’s not looking good for him based on what the Michael Myers figure has in his hands in some pictures. But no matter what, the figure is a must-have for collectors and ‘Halloween’ fans alike.

‘Halloween Kills’ is rated R for “Strong bloody violence throughout, grisly images, language, and some drug use” and hits theatres on October 15th.

Will you be adding the figure to your collection? Do you like the NECA figures? What other figures would you like them to produce? Sound off below in the comments section!

Source: NECA


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