February 7, 2023

Michael Myers will stalk and slash in theaters and on Peacock.

The reviews are flowing in. The clock is ticking down. And the anticipation is building. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to get the news that ‘Halloween Kills’ will be getting a day and date release. Thanks to a new spot for the film, we now know that the film will open in theaters on October 15th. It will also stream on Peacock the same day. We knew that Universal would put the film onto PVOD after seventeen days. But this marks a major shift for the studio and the film. The move gives the fans the choice of how they will watch the film.

Michael Myers Strikes In Halloween Kills


‘Halloween Kills’ opens October 15th in theaters and on Peacock.

What do you make of the news? Will it affect you seeing the film in a theater? Where will you now see the film? Let us know your thoughts!

Sources: Universal Pictures/ Youtube


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