September 22, 2023

Everyone is entitled to one good scare once again from October 15th.

I was excited to see ‘Halloween Kills’ before today. I’m overly excited to see it now. Because the final trailer for the film has been unleashed online today. And to say it is a ‘Halloween’ fan’s dream is an understatement. The footage is scary and bloody, without giving TOO much away. But the greatest asset the trailer has is the music that is featured throughout. If it is from the new score, then it will be incredible. Turn on all the lights. Lock all the doors. Arm yourselves. And prepare for the final sighting of Michael Myers until October 15th:


The trailer is everything I needed it to be. It is exactly what I was looking for. The return of Michael Myers is something I always look forward to. By the looks of the trailer, it doesn’t look too promising for the returning Lindsay Wallace (Kyle Richards), Nurse Marion (Nancy Stephens), Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall). And I think that Karen (Judy Greer) isn’t going to make it out to be in ‘Halloween Ends’. All things point to Karen being the big shock death that’ll lead into the third and final film in this trilogy. And the final film in the ‘Myers-Strode’ saga. I could be wrong (I hope I am), but things don’t seem to bode well for her survival prospects.

‘Halloween Kills’ will begin to stalk us all on October 15th in theatres and on Peacock.

What did you make of the final trailer? Do you think any of the above characters will survive the film? Are you ready for Michael Myers to stalk and slash again? Don’t hide behind the hedge, tell us your thoughts!

Source: Universal Pictures

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