September 30, 2023
New Details About Star Wars: Andor Have Been Revealed

Diego Luna confirms shooting on the show is complete. But there is a disappointment in store for K-2SO fans.

Thanks to the success of ‘The Mandalorian’, there are many ‘Star Wars’ shows in production. All will appear on Disney+ over the coming year or so. One of which is ‘Star Wars: Andor’. The series will follow the character of Cassian Andor, who was one of the main characters in the standalone film ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.’ The film was quite brilliant, hugely enjoyable, and remains a favorite among ‘Star Wars’ fans. The show will be a prequel to the events of the film, for obvious reasons. While he was promoting the return of his series ‘Pan Y Circo’, which is screened on Amazon, Star Diego Luna revealed to Deadline that the show’s first season was in the can.

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Luna teased the fans with his comments regarding the show and about his experience making the series during the pandemic:

You’ll definitely see familiar faces. I can tell you about this project like no other because I can’t spoil the ending if you’ve seen [Rogue One] already. No matter what I say, I can’t ruin the ending.

Star Wars | Cassian Andor Live-Action Series Announced
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

“To be honest, it’s been such a blessing to do this job and to do it under these circumstances. I had the chance to work with a team that I couldn’t be more proud of and admire more. It’s a hard-core moment to be out there shooting, and we were really lucky. We’re done with the shooting now and getting it ready for audiences to see it.”

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The familiar faces Diego Luna is referring to are Genevieve O’Reilly, once again portraying Mon Mothma. And Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera, finally filling in the gaps of what happened between him and the Rebel Alliance prior to ‘Rogue One.’ Who else from the ‘Star Wars’ films from the past who may make an appearance is still unknown at this time. It is almost certain that some of the cast of ‘Rogue One’ will appear in some capacity.

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One character who WON’T appear in this first season of the show is the reprogrammed imperial droid and fan favorite, K-2SO. It was reported that the character would be appearing alongside Cassian Andor previously. However, earlier this year, star Alan Tudyk dropped the shock news that the droid wouldn’t be making an appearance in the season:

They’re shooting it right now, I’m not in it. But, if it stays on the air, stories keep getting told, I’ll end up in there. I’m going to be in the show. It’s just that the story that Tony (Gilroy, the series creator) is telling doesn’t involve K-2SO until later on. I can’t be too specific, but I can definitely say that I’m not going to be in the first season.

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Alan Tudyk did admit that Tony Gilroy does have a plan for K-2SO to appear in the show eventually. But it all depends on whether the show gets a second season. I honestly can’t see the series being a one-season wonder. The first season has a total of 12 episodes and there are many more stories that could be told with the characters. If they get it right, as they did with ‘Rogue One’., the series could give ‘The Mandalorian’ a good run for its money with the fans. And I for one can’t wait to see what the series brings to the table.

Disney+ | Tony Gilroy Will Write and Direct the Star Wars: Cassian Andor Series
Andor Series Creator Tony Gilroy


‘Star Wars: Andor’ will debut on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

Are you excited about the show? Are you looking forward to seeing the adventures of Diego Luna’s character? Are you disappointed that K-2SO won’t feature in the first season? Jump in your U-Wing and let us know your thoughts!

Source: Deadline

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