December 9, 2022
Rocky vs Drago

For one night only! Rocky IV: Rocky Vs Drago punches into theatres this November!

Time to lace up those boxing gloves. Sylvester Stallone was known to be working on a director’s cut of his 1985 sequel ‘Rocky IV’. It was expected to hit us with an uppercut back in November of last year. But it wasn’t ready in time to take to the ring. Now, however, the film has dragged itself off of the canvas and is standing in its corner, ready to take a swing. November 11th sees a one-night-only theatrical screening of ‘Rocky IV: Director’s Cut-Rocky Vs Drago’. This will be in selected theatres, in partnership with Fathom. And in selected Fathom locations nationwide, a live Q&A with Stallone himself will be broadcast. Following that, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this new version will be shown.


To build the anticipation for the film ahead of its screenings, and for November 12th, which will see the film hit digital release, we have been given a trailer. Let’s see what we can expect:


As the trailer tells us, this new version of the film contains 40 minutes of never-before-seen footage. We also know, thanks to Stallone, that the entire Paulie’s birthday Robot footage has been excised. Some of the scenes that feature in the trailer and will be included in the film were seen in the trailer from 1985. Once again, the film will star Stallone alongside Talia Shire, Burt Young, Dolph Lundgren, Brigitte Nielson. Tony Burton, Michael Pataki. And the legendary Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed. When the film was first released, it became the highest-grossing sports drama of all time until ‘The Blind Side’ dethroned it. I’m looking forward to seeing this new version of the film, even if it’s just a throwback to the 1980s heyday of Rocky Balboa. But no matter how it goes, it is sure to come out punching.

Rocky IV

‘Rocky IV: Director’s Cut-Rocky Vs Drago’ hits theatres for one night only on November 11th in selected theatres, and drops on Digital download from November 12th.

Are you interested in seeing this new version of the classic movie? Are you a Rocky fan? Do you think the film will be a much better film than the original version? Don’t wait for the ring bell to sound, let us know your thoughts!

Source: MGM


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