December 7, 2023

Get ready to Scream again as the franchise returns in January 2022.

Ah, Ghostface! My old friend! Nice to see you again. After we all thought the franchise was dead and buried after the abysmal ‘Scream 4’ and the end of the TV show, it is time for us to love scary movies again. The new film in the newly-relaunched franchise, entitled ‘Scream’ (Hey, it worked for Halloween back in 2018) hits theatres in January of 2022. We have already been given the first poster for the film this past Sunday. Now it’s time for the first trailer to be unveiled. Lock the doors, bolt the windows, and don’t answer the phone. Ghostface is back with a vengeance:


And just in case you missed it:

Scream 5

‘Scream’ will (hopefully) terrify us again on January 14th, 2022.

What did you make of the trailer? Did it make you eager to see the new film? Or has it left you cold? Why not let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Paramount Pictures/ Spyglass Entertainment

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